Introducing: Reminders

Expect earworms aplenty with the thrilling sound of exciting up-and-coming Isle of Wight trio Reminders‘ big and bold, catchy and hooky ‘beach punk’ sound.

The band first started out back in 2017, although frontman Leo Dyke tells us he’s been writing songs since he was 2014 so already had a decent bank of songs that ended up forming debut EP Water Sports and Major Cities. And that’s when things began getting serious for the band.

As Leo explains: “We realised people were into what we were doing and once we clocked that we worked really well together turning my simple songs I’d written in my room into power pop-punk tracks that people wanted to hear. We never looked back!

“Music was always a no brainer for us all – Harry’s dad is an amazing drummer, Theo has played guitar his whole life and is now a bass line wizard and I don’t remember ever doing anything else other than write songs, to be honest.”

Their passion for music comes across in their highly relatable lyrics and super-catchy sound. The latest offering of this is Picturesque, which was released early last month. It opens up with a stabbing bassline supporting laid-back vocals “Sat in a kitchen reminiscing, Trying to look forward, But I’m always turned around and rearrange, last year was a waste, But the year before, Well it’s hard to avoid cliches, Take me back to always.”

Guitars creep in before bursting into big punky chords in a lively, catchy chorus led by Leo’s engaging vocals “Picturesque, Hindsight changes things, Picturesque, It’d how you look inside my brain, I’m a mess, I’m sure I’m seeing things, But hindsight changes things.”‘

Another laid-back verse builds into another big chorus that you can’t help but shout along to, then drops into a big smash of punky guitars and cymbals. A big drum roll breaks things up, then it dives into a big last blast of the chorus. We love this track, and you can give it a listen below:

On the track, Leo tells us: “People should expect big pop hooks with as grandiose as a 3 piece chorus can get. We always want to make each record we release tell a story, whether it’s an EP or a single, but we also want people to relate to what we are saying.

“I wrote Picturesque with this aim in mind, and the verses are super personal to some experiences I had with some close friends of mine. While the chorus is still the exact thoughts I had, it can definitely be related to anyone reminiscing on a better time, whether it’s hindsight playing tricks on you or not.”

The band’s catchy sound and engaging songwriting is also epitomised by the highly enjoyable If I Know You. It opens up with engaging vocals “Water sports and major cities, And hanging out and looking pretty and falling in love, It’s safe to say that’s what happened” over drums. Guitars kick in as the fun vocals continue “Museums and stupid trials, And being together for the first time in a little while, And always just hoping we’d end up all alone.”

It flows into a big catchy chorus “‘Cause all I wanna do is kick some arse and be with you, But sometimes everything gets misconstrued, And if I know you, you still got me stuck like glue, But you don’t even know that do you?” Check it out in the video below:

The band cite Green Day as the reason for what and how they play, with nods to the songwriting of The Cure / Robert Smith. As Leo explains: “Ramones definitely made me realise that I could write songs like theirs, which was a really cool kind of eureka moment. More recently I’ve been listening to anything Noel Gallagher wrote, a punk band from Canada called PUP and The Menzingers.”

But Leo tells us that as they grow older their songwriting evolves with it. In his words: “Naturally when I was younger I wrote a lot about romances and relationships. More recently I’ve been writing about getting older and more coming of age stuff. It’s definitely a lot less bubblegum lyrically but I’ve been writing some cool stuff that I’m looking forward to taking a look at with the other two boys.

“What we aim for is a pop song with a bit of edge and grit. Pop hooks and ear worm melodies but driven by bass and drums. Think Ramones meets Beach Boys meets emo. That actually sounds pretty terrible, but it’s not!”

You can see Reminders for yourself at Strings Bar & Venue in Newport, Isle of Wight, on 31 October. They’ve also been busy in the studio this year so expect their steady release of singles to continue.

And, as Leo adds: “We are very friendly and hard-working, so if you can come and say hello at a gig we’d love that. Please let us know what you reckon of the new single on our socials. Also, we need to eat so buy a t-shirt or something!”

You can do just that by following Reminders on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, and check out their music on Spotify and Soundcloud.

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