Introducing: Remember The Monsters

Prepare yourself for an assault on your musical senses with diverse Los Angeles via Arizona band Remember The Monsters, who summarise their electronic heavy pop-rock sound as “fierce, energetic and catchy.”

The band first formed a few years back with lead guitarist Ashten Banks and a former singer before the current lineup – completed by Julian Comeau (vocals), Dominic Ruiz (rhythm guitar) and Sean Mott (bass) – came together through mutual friends. Their music has slowly evolved in style, moving from a pop-rock foundation and gradually adopting a heavier sound of hulking riffs and vocals that jump between delicately melodic and seriously fierce.

As Ashten explains: “If we had to describe our music now it would be heavy pop-rock with some electronic flavor. Very professional and modern sounding. It’s hard to pinpoint exactly, I guess you’ll just need to listen to it.”

The latest offering of this is brand new single Close Encounters, which was released on Friday (18 October). It opens up light synthy sounds under fast-paced vocals “Met her in the fire, Without her in the rain, Pushed me closer to the edge, Maybe I’m a liar, Maybe I’m insane, Hanging from this ledge, Really need to make this work, Even though it fucking hurts.”

It picks up pace in a heavier chorus, then drops into a light verse that gradually builds up to another chorus. A brief quiet section is followed by a little guitar solo that feeds into a final blast of the lively chorus. Give it a listen below:

That follows previous release Sink, which was produced by Matt Good, lead guitarist of From First to Last and is about recognising the destructive behavior in others before it drags you down.

Sink opens up with funky synths that drop into a bouncy guitar riff. A little pre-chorus “Take a minute, take your time to rearrange the bad things and point them all against me” feeds into a cool chorus with engaging vocals “How could I let myself fall apart gotta start over now, Start over now, Holding my head above the water just a little bit longer now, So I can watch you drown, Sink for me” supported by the bouncy riff.

A second chorus feeds into a little middle section of melodic vocals over big guitar chords, then the instrumentals drop out leaving lone effects-ridden vocals that drop into a final blast of the chorus. Check it out in the rather damp looking video below:

The band’s musical direction is inspired by everything from Bring Me The Horizon, I Prevail and AFI through to Hans Zimmer and other score composers.

While in terms of what influences them to write music, Ashten tells us: “Our music stems a lot from personal experience. Relationships, downfalls, emotions, overcoming adversities. A lot of universal themes many people deal with.”

The band has plenty more coming up with a bank of music built up ready to be unleashed on us, so keep your ears peeled for more.

You can follow Remember The Monsters on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, and check out their music on Spotify, Soundcloud and YouTube.

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