Introducing: intentiontremor.

Satisfy your urge for riff-driven guitar music with the heavy rock meets alternative metal sound of brand new San Francisco trio intentiontremor..

The band began with Derek Haerle (guitar and vocals) and Gabe Osorio (drums) getting together after taking collective long breaks from previous bands. They started playing, wrote a few songs, and the passion was soon reignited, so they completed the line-up with the addition of Daniel Hasegan (bass).

They’ve quickly released not only their debut single, Dilemma, but also their debut EP at the end of last month. On the EP, Derek tells us: “People should expect an original project influenced by our collective interests in genres ranging from hard rock to 80s alternative to electronica. Dilemma is a song about the dangers of not being present in the moment.”

Dilemma opens up with a cheeky little rumbling bass then cool guitars come in to support spoken vocals. A low guitar riff kicks in as more spoken vocals continue, then a long cry of “Yeah, Died in beside you then right behind you all day long.”

It slows down and the light spoken vocals return, then ends on an extended blast of the chugging guitar riff with big crashing cymbals in support. Give it a listen below:

The EP’s closing track Worst Season Ever offers an equally fascinating insight into their sound. It begins slowly with light guitar and a repeating hand drum under Daniel’s laid back vocals. The guitar drops into a stabbing riff with a distant rumbling bass and grows alongside cymbals and a light drumbeat.

Livelier guitar and a bouncy bass come in alongside crashing cymbals, drop into a repeating little flutter of guitar, and continue under cries of “Hold your breath.” Then a cool long sustained vocal note is supported by heavier, driving guitars and cymbals as the song intensifies to a heavy ending. It’s superb, and you can check it out below:

intentiontremor. also just released a video for the EP’s opening track Send It My Way, which you can watch below:

The band don’t aspire to mimic any particular bands or styles but, when pressed, Gabe names Deftones, Depeche Mode and Killswitch Engage as influences, Daniel would name “basically anything with prominent bass” such as Black Sabbath, Stanley Clark and Massive Attack, while Derek would name Led Zeppelin, Jane’s Addiction, The Cure, Bauhaus.

And when it comes to their musical inspiration, Derek explains: “We write because we have a need to be creative and express ourselves. Even if no-one outside the band ever heard our material we would still create it.  

“There are no particular common themes in our music, but there is kind of a common process.  In creating the music we try to expand on feelings the notes, riffs, lyrics, etc invoke in us. For example, when Daniel thinks of Dilemma he sees a scene in which a person is walking through a crowd of people going about their day. Their faces begin to slowly morph into one another and the person is terrified. It was this visual that inspired the opening bassline.”

The band are itching to get more new material finalised to get back into the recording studio, and expect live shows soon. And Derek adds: “The process of creating and publishing music has been amazing. It’s really fun and a bit nerve-racking to finally see a tangible product from all the effort and TLC we put into these songs. We are really excited to put it out there and see what people think.”

So go and give this exciting new band a follow on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, and check out their music on Spotify, iTunes, Soundcloud and YouTube.

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