Introducing: I Fight Fail

We’re always suckers for a bit of old-school emo, but when a band goes full-on emo and covers our favourite Taking Back Sunday song well… we felt obliged to find out more about Ohio trio I Fight Fail. The band have honed an intriguing electro-tinged emo-rock sound that they describe to us as “ominous, thought-provoking and emotional.”

The trio of Andy Potter (vocals and bass), Daryl Johnson (guitar and vocals) and Anthony Carter (drums) went to school and played in various bands together through the years. As Anthony explains: “When we were teenagers being in a band and playing music is just what you did around Canton, OH. At the time the scene was huge in our area, but sadly throughout the years it just continued to fade.

“There are not too many bands that stuck it out, we are pretty lucky we’ve been able to keep the train rolling. It’s hard to find people that have the same mindset and want it just as bad as the next guy.”

I Fight Fail came about when previous band Where Are You Houston split up in 2013, but the band ae currently going through a bit of a sound change in addition to their somewhat varied general approach.

As Anthony puts it: “Our sound is honestly a mixture of so many things. One song could sound poppy, like The Chainsmokers or The 1975, and then the next could be dark and rocky, like Linkin Park or Brand New. We always try to change it up a little bit while still remaining ourselves. We want to give everyone a little taste of everything so anyone can find a song they enjoy and hopefully they enjoy them all!”

The band’s latest release Silhouettes, which was released last year, has a little bit of a The Chainsmokers’ Closer feeling about it, starting off with light vocals through the opening verse. Then lively guitars kick in under repeats of “we are silhouettes,” before dropping into another laid-back verse. Give it a listen below:

But their latest release sees them cover Cute Without the “E” (Cut From The Team) by putting their own electro-emo spin on the track. Check it out in the video below:

But there’s also a heavier side to the band that comes across on the big catchy Nothing Bleeds, give it a listen below:

The band has taken inspiration from emo bands, such as Brand New and, of course, Taking Back Sunday, as well as Tom Delonge and Bring Me The Horizon. As Anthony tells us: “Brand New has always been a really big influence for us. Everything from the clever lyrics all the way down to the drum and bass grooves. If you want to know what emo is, listen to one of their records. Tom Delonge has also been a strong influence for us, with some of our atmospheric parts and spacey-ness, if that’s a word, definitely stemming from him and the different projects he’s been involved with.

“I mean there are so many bands and musicians that have influenced us it’s crazy. Bring Me The Horizon, the last two records they released were just killer as they manage to take a heavy rock sound and blend it perfectly with mainstream pop ideas. In some ways that’s we are going after, obviously without copying them. The world doesn’t need two Bring The Horizons.”

And when it comes to I Fight Fail’s musical inspiration, it’s an equally open book. As Anthony explains: “There are so many things that influence us and it’s always changing. It could be pop culture, current world events, personal experiences, new music that we find or even going back and listening to older records we like.

“Our themes often are based around darker ideas or ominous feelings. As people, we are happy and fun but everyone gets sad or depressed at times. And that’s what comes to the surface when we write.”

Expect to hear plenty more from I Fight Fail soon as they are steadily working on new music and plan to get back out on the road soon. And Anthony adds: “We miss all our fans and friends and can’t wait to show everyone what we have been so quietly working on.

“I mean, we want them to know everything and love talking about music. So please feel free to contact us on our social media. We always reply and ask us whatever! Even if it’s what do you guys like on your pizza!”

You can follow I Fight Fail on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, and check out their music on Spotify, iTunes and YouTube.

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