New Band of the Week: Adelyn

Over the last few years writing about new rock and metal bands the name Christina Rotondo has popped up collaborating with some of the bands we’ve written about, which got us into listening to her own music and cover songs.

Now, the London-based singer has teamed up with the guitar and production qualities of Ali Marshall to form an exciting new project in Adelyn, who specialise in powerful, anthemic rock.

On the band, Christina explains: “I think Adelyn is just a raw combination of two people that just like making music. It’s not ‘let’s fit this into a pigeonhole’ it’s just, we like these bands, this is our music style, let’s make something we both like.”

The duo initially started out as Day, under which they released superb debut single Reverie last year. Check it out in the video below:

But they soon switched things up on the name which, as luck would have it, made our task of finding them much easier. On the rebrand, Christina tells us: “Mainly because we ran into some ‘legal’ issues with the name. Someone claimed copyright on the name and as you mentioned with the difficulty of finding the band name and music before it felt a bit like a silver lining. Ali was the name decider and when he suggested it, it just had a nice ring – felt unique too!”

They’ve since released follow-up stunning second single Blessings. It opens up with a big booming guitar riff and driving drums that drop into Christina’s powerful vocals “Is this what you wanted, Hold this to my heart, Take this to my grave, I’m like a prison in my own home, Dying to get out of this head” over a flickering fast-paced guitar lick.

The pace drops down after a breathless opening, with the more laid-back vocals “What I can’t keep playing in time, You can’t decipher, I’m running this through my mind, It’s tearing me, dragging me down.” Stabbing guitars jump in as more intense vocals build up to a delicious singalong chorus of “Will you count your blessings on one hand, ‘Cause I’ll always find a way to bite the hand that feeds me, I’m great at it, Cutting my teeth out, How many chances do you get, Are we all as one, Finding hope made life a nightmare, You’ll give what you get.”

A second round of verse and chorus drops into Christina’s powerful cries of “Take what you need from me, And burn the bridge so I can’t see, How many times can you get in my head, Lets put this to sleep, So I can rest easy” before a final blast of the chorus. It’s a huge track, and you can check it out in the video below:

Search through Christina’s various musical projects on Spotify and you’ll discover an interesting collection, including loads of great covers. So we asked her whether she gains more pleasure from nailing an alternative interpretation of a song or getting her own music out there.

Her response: “I don’t think you can compare the two as they’re so different. Both have their ups and downs, and Adelyn is still really fresh. At the moment, I’m really excited to see what we can write with Adelyn – I value Ali’s writing so much and love what he creates.”

The power of social media and online music platforms can be both a blessing and a curse of all bands, but particularly new bands. As Christina wrote on her Facebook page a while back, “the pressure of writing something “good enough” makes me not actually do it.”

And building on that, she tells us: “I think the demand to be so hot on social media in a band can be stressful. In previous bands, I used to schedule content for however many times a week in a bid to stay ‘active’ on social media. But I’ve just got to the stage of, well, why would I continue to post when I don’t have anything that’s happening?

“It’s not a bad thing – I think there’s a pressure of constantly writing and putting out content otherwise people will forget about you. But something I really like about Adelyn is we aren’t rushing each other – we’re writing music around when works for us and just making it good, honest music. When it arrives, it arrives.”

On that topic of Adelyn’s music, and specifically what inspires it, from Christina’s perspective alone (i.e. not Ali’s), she says: “Honestly, I just write music because I like it. I’ve had experiences in the past where maybe I’ve worked on a band who have written about mental health or about experiences and I get asked to write for their track about that specific issue and I always think ‘well how do you know I’ve had those experiences myself?’

“I wouldn’t write about something just to make it fit in with a movement at the time. I don’t want to create this huge movement that maybe people can relate to but isn’t honest and genuine to my feelings and I think it can be really tricky to be careful with that line. For me, I just start writing and I see what happens. We’ve all got our own stuff going on – sometimes a particular recent experience might fall into my lyrics, otherwise, they’re completely made up.”

Christina and Ali are currently busy writing their EP, so this is very much a band to keep an eye out for as we move into 2020. As Christina tells us: “(There’s) No confirmed date as to when this will be released but we’re loving what we’ve created so far.”

You can follow Adelyn on Facebook and Instagram, check out their music on Spotify and iTunes, get more of Christina’s music on YouTube and Spotify and support her on Patreon.

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