New Band of the Week: Standing Like Statues

This week’s New Band of the Week is a band I’ve been aware of from a distance for some time. The band have been through some thrills and spills, including even a spell where there wasn’t a band, but I’m delighted they are back together and better than ever.

Cambridge-based rockers Standing Like Statues are formed of Jamie (vocals), Effy (drums/vocals), Nigel and Meitar (guitars) and Chris (bass). Three went to school and college together and have had a few members come and go and even survived a year-long break to get to the strong position they now feel they’re in.

And that theme is present in the band’s latest single Hollow, which was released at the end of last month. On the track, they tell us: “It was written from quite a vulnerable point of view. We were in a bad place, before we split up for a bit. I think in the moment it was written as a ‘lost lover’ type song but, over time, it’s become more of a living metaphor of where we were emotionally as a band. Full of anxiety, feeling miserable and very lost.”

Sounds intriguing right? Hollow starts off with slow looping guitars over light drums that continue under laid-back dual vocals. It picks up with Jamie’s more intense vocals “Weak on my knees, There’s no spark in my eye like when I was a boy, It slowly fades away, Like seasons we all change,” and gradually builds up to a heavier chorus.

Bigger guitars kick in and lead into a big singalong chorus of ” I’m sick and done with all the memories that play in my mind still, I wanna blank ’em out, move forward, It’s just getting me down, This is not me, Been living in a fantasy world.”

More delicious dual vocals kick in for a livelier second verse, which kick into a big atmospheric section of “Like a brick against my bones, A sinking ship that I am on, Won’t you come and take me home I’ve been lost for too long.” Big guitars take over and drop into an intense repeat of the chorus, then driving drums and guitars return alongside a repeat of the atmospheric section. Check out this awesome track in the video below:

My first taste of the band was a few years ago with their excellent debut EP Makeup and Mind Games, which is packed with excellent tracks like the suepr catchy Circles. But a personal favourite from it is the super-catchy Honestly, Honesty (Doesn’t Cost A Thing). Check it out below:

And there’s the heavier Breaking Even, which features a delicious heavy breakdown amid the band’s trademark catchy yet heavy dual vocals. It’s an excellent debut EP, and we’re hoping there’s much more to come from the band to follow it up soon.

Discussing the sound of Standing Like Statues, they explain: “If you dig vocal harmonies, catchy tunes and big choruses, check us out and see if we’re your thing. Anthemic-alternative-pop-rock inspired sounds. It’s weird, wild and wonderful, always filled with bags of raw emotion.”

While on what inspires them to write music, they add: “An obvious revisited theme in our tracks is mental health. Both in the positive and negative lights. We all truly believe in taking care of one another and looking out for everyone you can in life, I think that reflects in our lyrics for sure.

“In terms of what influences us to write music… I think it’s still surrounding what we write about actually. Music has saved us all in one way or another, so I think music as therapy is the biggest influence in anything we do.”

Standing Like Statues had a great 2019 and are finishing it on a high with the release of a new single on 13 December. And there’s even more new music coming in 2020, as they have a bunch of songs they’ve recorded with rock production legend Romesh Dondangoda. They’ll also be on the road next year, so keep your eye out.

On that, they add: “Throughout the years, we’ve dipped and dived into different styles and I’d say that the music we have coming out in 2020 is going to be the most authentic and emotional yet. So keep up with our socials and such, so you can enjoy the journey of something that’s gonna be really special.”

You can follow Standing Like Statues on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, and check out their music on Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, Google Play, Soundcloud and YouTube.

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