New Band of the Week: Back To The Point

Suffolk quartet Back To The Point describe their sound as taking 90s pop-punk and dropping it into the modern music world. It offers nostalgia to those of us who grew up with the classic punk bands accompanied by an element of something new.

The quartet of Sam Trenter (vocals and bass), Lewis Whymark (lead guitar), Rich Roebuck (rhythm guitar) and Nathan Garwood (Drums) first started making music together during high school.

As they explain: “Our sets are quite versatile so you may occasionally see us as a three-piece too. Rich joined us recently, otherwise our lineup has remained consistent since 2008 – which would’ve been during high school, the point where every musician says they’re going to form a band. Thing is, we actually did, and we love it and are still making new music over 10 years on.”

They’ve honed a sound that they describe as “Fun, catchy, sing-a-long-able. We’ve definitely cheated with that third one but it’s the best way to say it.” Our latest taste of this is Saviour, which was released at the end of September.

It opens up with a cool little guitar lick that drops into a spinning little lick over fun punky chords. Sam’s engaging vocals take over in a catchy verse that feeds into a singalong vocals “I looked high in the sky couldn’t find no Superman, I went down to the cave no trace of a single Batman, The hope was gone, the fight went on, they all just came to die, Goddamit I tried.” That feeds into the equally catchy “I tried so badly to reason with you, To light the fire and then try to break through,” then ‘woh-oh’ vocals feed into a cry of “We’re all out of superheroes.”

A second chorus drops into laid-back guitars under Sam’s more chilled vocals, which suddenly burst into a final blast of the chorus. It’s punky, energetic and super-catchy, and you can check it out below:

On the track, they explain: “Anyone who has seen or heard us before will know the sound – we like to think its pop-punk that has been lifted from the late 90s and given a modern facelift in terms of vocals and mixing.

“We’d hope there’s enough nostalgia in it to appeal to classic Green Day and Blink fans but, at the same time, it feels new. That’s what we hope anyway – give it a listen and see if you agree! Saviour, in particular, is a song about friendships and has a funkier edge than some of our older songs.”

Saviour follows a couple of EPs, released last year and back in 2016, that are packed with fun classic punk rock tracks. The latter includes a personal favourite, Moped, which is fast-paced and lively and features the fun, everyday vocals you’d expect from a pop-punk track. Give it a listen below:

Unsurprisingly, the Back To The Point sound has been inspired by the names you’d expect to see on any good pop-punk playlist, from Blink-182 and Green Day to Bowling For Soup and Neck Deep. And they’ve crafted a song that certainly wouldn’t feel out of place alongside these bands.

The band tell us: “In our earlier days we took a bigger punk rock influence from bands such as the Ramones, Rancid and the Buzzcocks, though elements of these bands are still prevalent in our music today. All the guitar, bass and drums a pop-punk fan would expect, with catchy vocals and hooks. We want everyone to have as good a time listening to our stuff as we do recording and playing it.”

While when it comes to writing music, Sam explains: “One of the things I find most rewarding about writing music is that it has the capability to exist long after I’m gone, and I like to think people can relate to the messages in the songs in their own lives.

“In terms of key themes and topics I write about, it’s hard to categorise them specifically, but I would describe most of our songs as stories from my life, dramatised in song form. For me, that is a natural place to write from.”

It’s safe to say you can expect more from the band soon, as they tell us: “We never stop! There are more gigs coming up this year and next year, and we’ll start getting withdrawal symptoms if we’re not back in the studio soon.

“Our music is homegrown and we think it’s always important for locals musicians to support each other and be supported. So give us a listen on Spotify, iTunes, Amazon or wherever you get your tunes from, or come and see us and have a chat either in person or on Facebook – we don’t bite unless we’re hungry.”

You can do just that by following Back To The Point on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, and checking out their music on Spotify, Apple Music and YouTube.

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