Introducing: Amaria

We love finding great new music from all over the world, so the discovery of Ukrainian rock solo artist Amaria has gotten us really excited. The Kiev-based singer has honed a gothic-tinged pop-rock sound that she describes to us as “unframed, powerful and melodic.”

Having formed a band with a guitarist some years ago, Amaria is now working on her own material while collaborating with other Ukrainian musicians.

On her musical background, Amaria tells us: “From childhood, I was a very creative person, my father used to play the guitar so I couldn’t grow up without music. I was always tempted to have a band and be on the stage and only at university I finally decided to make a big step and setup a band. Back in 2011, I met a guitarist Ilya Kaplunenko with whom we created a band called In.Vade.

“We wrote a full album together, made few music videos and was performing live until there was a moment of our crossroads. So in 2018 I started a music project on my own, called Amaria. So that’s what you hear now! My song Time was complete freedom music-wise, I was creating it myself. But working on the future album I will collaborate with musicians.”

Her most recent release Time gives us a good taste of what to expect from Amaria’s solo music. It begins with Amaria’s engaging vocals over light piano support and gradually builds in intensity. After a first chorus, drums and building instrumentals kick in as the vocals increase in power, then a heavier chorus supported by stabs of guitar chords.

It drops into light vocals then drawn-out vocals over palm-muted chords, then repeats of “Time is running out, Can’t get enough breathing out” end on a big high note and a rocky instrumental section. That feeds into vocals over heavier instrumentals that take us to a rocky ending.

It’s a delicious track that gradually builds in heaviness and intensity. Check it out in the video below, which was shot in the peaceful location of Snowdonia, Wales:

Amaria’s sound has been influenced by rock bands like , Linkin Park, Three Days Grace, Bring Me The Horizon and Nirvana, as well as the likes of Evanescence and Christina Aguilera.

On her sound, Amaria tells us: “I don’t like to put music in particular boxes, but nowadays either you or your listeners define your style. I would say that my music is influenced by alternative rock artists, pop-rock, a little touch of gothic rock. So my sound is powerful and rocky yet melodic.”

And on what inspires her to write music, she explains: “Talking about earlier songs I wrote for In.Vade, the main topic was love… But Amaria’s songs are talking about all sorts of things that are important for humanity. Time is a song about the ‘ratrace’ of humanity and how we deal with it.”

There’s plenty more to come from Amaria, as she tells us: “At the moment I’m working on a new song, which is a bit more electronic but still rocky and powerful! Hopefully, you can hear it before Christmas! And, of course, I am working on my album, which I promise it will be exciting.

“Currently, I am based in Ukraine and will be having few gigs this year in Kyiv, but my plan is to musically spread my wings outside of Ukraine.”

You can follow Amaria on Facebook and Instagram, and check out her music on Spotify, Apple Music, Soundcloud and YouTube.

One Reply to “Introducing: Amaria”

  1. Thanks for an interesting and delicious introducing!!!
    Good music, huge vocal, very actual story, ardent&pretty singer!
    I’ll follow+
    Looks u need rybric UA rock;-)


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