New Band of the Week: No Time For Reason

Newcastle newcomers No Time For Reason have honed a lively, hooky melodic punk-laced rock sound that reflects their pop, rock and EDM influences.

The band started out one year ago, when Charlie Philp (lead guitar) and Henry Poxon (bass) joined frontman David Stoker for a show under the latter’s solo brand. They later met drummer Tony and No Time For Reason was born as David realised they needed to expand into a band.

Our first taste of the band was their second single Catfish, which was released in November and was written about the modern culture phrase descriving a fake or stolen online identity.

It opens up with a little electronic intro then a guitar repeats the same tune and builds into a cool little lick and drums. David’s lively vocals take over then a more laid-back chorus that ends on the line “But her Instagram was full of lies” then a woman’s voice states “Catfish.”

A second verse opens up “At the bar with tequila shots, I keep on drinking ’til the penny drops, Act cool don’t think too stoned.” That builds up to a repeat of the chorus, which drops into repeating little guitars, a big drum roll and more repeating guitars in a funky little instrumental section. Then it builds up to another chorus and instrumental to finish. Check it out in the video below:

On the track, David tells us: “Catfish is packed with energy, guitar-driven indie hooks and witty lyrical content. I wrote the song as a satire of the 21st Century online dating scene, drawing from personal experiences.”

That follows debut single Reviver, which offers a little more rocky insight into their sound. It starts with gradually building vocals over palm-muted chords then builds up into a heavier, singalong chorus. Check it out below:

On the No Time For Reason sound, David tells us: “We describe ourselves as Pop Rock, or Indie Rock if you like. The music we write has very catchy riffs and vocal hook lines, which makes it have that commercial edge. However, this is coupled with heavy rock guitars that give the songs more grit.”

See No Time For Reason for yourself as they play their first headline show at the O2 Academy in Newcastle on 30 January. Support comes from The Escapades and Connor Haley.

You can follow No Time For Reason on Facebook and Instagram, and check out their music on Spotify, iTunes and YouTube.

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