New Band of the Week: Enamel Animal

This week’s New Band of the Week is a little unusual given that we’d already featured the band after they’d changed their name and now they’ve changed their name back to the old name. Confused much?

The brilliantly named Enamel Animal were previously featured as our New Band of the Week under the name of Pet Virus back in October 2018, led by frontman Phil Collier. Now they’re back in their former former guise and remain at the heart of Liverpool’s ‘Scrunge’ movement with new members in tow.

On the changing around of members and names, Phil told us: “Well, Enamel Animal was the band myself, Ryan and Glen put together 7 years ago now (wow) with our mate Delki, who left during the recording of Unfaith. So Jon stepped in and helped finish off some guitar parts along with recording and producing the album.

“Pet Virus was a way for us to play as a three-piece with Kenny on bass, but Enamel Animal has always been our first love and when Jon expressed an interest in joining full-time and starting work on new material, we had to get it going again.”

The band have honed a fun sound that they describe as “intense, emotive and dissentient.” On which Phil expands: “We try to combine an accessible but inventive melodic style with an intensive delivery of heavy, fuzzy tones. It’s music that is the lightning in a thunderstorm.”

They arrived back on the scene with the delicious single Anymore in October. It opens up with low guitar noise and an ominous-sounding light riff that’s soon joined by a lingering bassline and light drums. Phil’s light vocals take over with twinkling guitars then bursts of guitar suggest something heavier is coming.

And it arrives with a heavier blast of more intense, engaging vocals “I find your eyes, your lips, your taste, And when your skin is all I crave, We are face to face and you’re there to hurt, When the darkness comes and you’re all I’ve got.”

The second verse is a little more upbeat and bursts into another catchy chorus with a winding little guitar riff and crashing cymbals underneath the vocals. A chilled guitar solo takes over and winds into stabbing guitar chords and crashing drums that continue under shouty vocals to take us to a heavy ending. Check it out in the video below:

And for even more Enamel Animal goodness check out the edgier, excellent War Machine below:

The band draws influence from a wide range of experimental rock bands,. As Phil tells us: “Influence wise, it’s hard to pin down to just a few. Speaking for myself, I’d say Deftones have to be up there, the way they have evolved their sound over the years and always maintained relevance really shows their genius.

“Jon’s always been a massive fan of Omar Rodriguez-Lopez and we bonded over our mutual love for ATD-I and The Mars Volta. And, of course, we are all fans of Josh Homme in his various musical guises.”

While when it comes to musical inspiration, the list is more diverse. As Phil explains: “In the past, we would cover topics and themes that we thought were important in the scope of the life of the world itself. Our first album Unfaith follows a thematic structure in the lyrics, there’s a very deliberate concept there that we hope fans are able to perceive for themselves.

“Music has always been a central part of our lives, I personally have been writing songs since I was a child. There are boxes upon boxes of pieces of paper with thousands of songs in my mum’s loft! And Jon runs his own studio in Liverpool, along with playing with a lot of diverse artists, so music is always there. Being alive itself is the inspiration for writing and creating any kind of art really.”

Expect to hear plenty more from Enamel Animal in 2020 with the band in the midst of recording their second album, on which Phil promises us: “It will be much darker and sinister than anything we’ve done before. We’re all cynical 30-somethings now so it’s the natural thing to do, we think.”

You can follow Enamel Animal on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, and check out their music on Spotify, Bandcamp, Soundcloud and YouTube.

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