Introducing: Premortal Breath

Like many a good band throughout history, the story of German heavy metal act Premortal Breath begins with beer and in a pub. As frontman Tommy Greulich puts it: “It all began with beer. We met at a pub, had some beers and at the end of the evening Premortal Breath was born.”

The Mannheim quintet, completed by Seb Herold and Tobbe Eymer (guitars), Domme Eymer (bass) and Andy Reichard (drums), have honed a heavy yet groovy and melodic metal sound. But the formation of the band in its current guise is a little more complicated than simply a few beers in the pub.

Tommy continues: “Potti (drumer Andy, we think) and I were both leftovers of previous bands that had disbanded. But how the current line-up came to be is quite long. It felt like a never-ending quest for the right musicians that fit into the band both personally and musically. We had to endure several castings, shifts in the line-up and nearly lost hope on the way. But since a few years everything is rather steady.

“All our current members were involved in bands before they joined Premortal Breath. Speaking for myself I just wanted a band that played music I actually liked. I wanted a creative outlet.”

And Seb adds: “I joined Premortal Breath when I was still at university. I had a lot of time and just wanted to play some music with fellow metalheads. Other projects just ended – Premortal Breath prevailed. To be honest, at first most songs weren’t even to my liking but the more I got involved the more it clicked.”

The band offer plenty of heavy riffing alongside Tommy’s engaging vocals. As Seb puts it: “We allow ourselves the freedom to try out new things if it suits the song and there is no formula that we force ourselves to stick to. We definitely like a lot of groove within our music. We also tend to have one riff or a melody that’s the main theme of the song usually spearheaded by the guitars. But I invite you to just listen for yourselves.”

The most recent offering of this is second album Monsters, which was released in 2018. Siren’s Feast gives us a good taste of their intriguing style, opening up with a light guitar lick and gradually building up to a heavier version of it and a mini solo supported by heavy drums. Tommy’s vocals jump in over intense drums and chugging guitars, which continue under catchy vocals. Intense screams give way to a cool little guitar solo, then heavy vocals bring the track to and end. Give it a listen below:

While Terrorize offers a glimpse to the heavier edge of the band, which begins with a relentless onslaught of heavy guitars and intense vocals then flows into a more singalong chorus. It also features an awesome guitar solo that gives way to a final chorus. Check it out in the video below:

And the album goes out in style with the excellent Hooligan, which features really cool spinning guitar riffs throughout. Check it out below:

Seb tells us the band have fairly differing musical tastes but can all agree on the likes of Metallica, Iron Maiden, Trivium, Dio and In Flames.

And on the themes and topics that inspire them to write music, Tommy tells us: “On both of our albums we deal with horror and monsters but in a metaphorical way. There are horrors many of us have to face or endure ourselves, within our families or with friends. Sometimes monsters hide in plain sight rooted deep in our society. Those ills of modern society really make you wonder where humanity is headed. But we try to keep our lyrics open for interpretation a bit.”

The band have plans in place for 2020 and we’re looking forward to hearing more from them shortly. In the meantime, as Seb says: “Come to one of our shows, have some beer and a chat with us – become part of our family.”

You can follow Premortal Breath on Facebook and Twitter, and check out their music on Spotify, Deezer and YouTube.

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