Introducing: Hidden Phase

Atmospheric alternative rock duo Hidden Phase duo is a project that’s draped in mystery. The French two-piece offer up an intriguing progressive rock/metal sound that fuses engaging vocals with huge atmospheric instrumentals, supported by some awesome music videos.

The air of mystery includes describing themselves as Identity[1] on vocals and keyboards and Identity[2] on guitars, bass and keyboards. In their words: “Hidden Phase is two identities and one single project. Hidden Phase is a musical and visual universe. Just music, photos and videos… Now the Hidden Phase is over.”

The duo self-produced their debut album The Deviant Place Theory last year then recently released From Hell, which has quite the backstory. As they tell us: “The title From Hell is a delirium about a serial killer who feeds on the souls of his victims and believes he purifies them in death. The clip is a metaphor, the rose represents the victim and the light bulb his soul and the entity obtains inner peace by purifying the souls of its victims.”

It opens up with atmospheric synth then drums are joined by doomy sounding laboured guitar notes. Vocals “I am born in the darkness, I need a favour from you, I find my way through the darkness, You belong to me” come in over the top then a building reverby sound feeds into a section of more laid-back vocals over a darting guitar lick.

It all builds up to a big chorus of high-pitched vocals supported by driving guitars and drums. Big low-tuned stabbing guitars jump in and feed into another atmospheric verse, which quickly drops into another chorus.

The second chorus ends with drawn-out guitar chords, then repeats of “I’m waiting for you to come home, I want to be with you for the first time” over lively guitars before an instrumental outro. Check it out in the awesome video below:

And for further proof of just how great this band is, check out the slow burning The Growl which goes out with a huge, intoxicating bang in the video below:

The duo list their musical influences as A Perfect Circle, Puscifer, Paradise Lost, Depeche Mode, Tool, Faith No More, Deftones and many more.

And on their approach they tell us: “When we make music, we try above all to create emotion and to do what we like, we want to create a melancholic atmosphere of our own. We don’t know how to make joyful music and I even believe that this is what allows us to find a balance in our lives. Making this music is something obvious for us and we wrote this album with that in mind.

“The subjects of the songs are most often related to human nature or human behaviour strictly speaking or derivatives of life experience or current events, But I reassure you I haven’t killed anyone yet!”

The duo have more music in the works, including a video that hasn’t been shot yet. So stay tuned for more soon.

You can follow Hidden Phase on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, and check out their music on Bandcamp, Soundcloud and YouTube.

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