Introducing: Antlerz

It’s not too often we feature a band before they have any music available to play you – in fact, we think this could be a first. But, given the sell that new London rap-rockers Antlerz gave us, we felt this one was worthwhile.

Antlerz introduced themselves to us “London’s fiercest rap-rockers,” while frontman Guchi describes their sound as: “It’s as if Wu Tang had a love child with a Red Hot Chili Peppers record and then you found out Pantera was the true daddy!”

The band, completed by Mickey (guitars), Neil (bass) and Ignas (percussion), released in EP in 2018 but are going again with a brand new single latr this month. They’ve already supported Crazy Town on their European tour and will launch themselves upon the British music scene with a gig in New Cross on Saturday (7 March).

Antlerz is a project that sees Guchi merge his loves of hip-hop and metal. As he tells us: “It’s a project that I have always wanted to do. Growing up, I had a huge love for hip-hop and was part of the early grime scene in my school days. As I got older, metal started to become an even bigger part of my life and this of course was everything and more to my cousin and co-founding member Mickey, who had already been on the gigging circuit with his previous band Reign of Khan.

“We had both had stints in different metal bands but had always wanted to do something together. So when the opportunity came in late 2018 and we were both free, we decided to fuse the two sounds we both loved so much and bring back the type energy live music had been missing. When the 4 of us first got in the room it was electric and trust me, if you come check us out on 7 March, you’re gonna see all of that in full force!”

The band will release their first single from a new EP later this month, and Guchi told us to expect: “ENERGY, ENERGY and more FUCKING ENERGY. Music has become so weak these days with people relying on drop tuning and breakdowns to get a big sound. Mickey is a frikin’ genius on the guitar so he don’t need to rely on any of that. What you will hear is gonna be like nothing you’ve heard before. I’m talking BARS and RIFFS!”

And that’ll be followed by the release of the EP around May-time. Guchi tells us: “It is going to be BIG. The sounds on there are so diverse but hold so much power, so stay tuned on this one.”

Here’s a little taster of what the band have to offer with their first freestyle video for Calling The Shots below.

The individual band members combine a wide range of musical influences, including a shared love for Pantera and Metallica. Guchi’s also into Biggie, Eminem and Wu Tang Clan as well Aerosmith, Mickey loves Stevie Ray Vaughn, Mastodon and Rammstein, Neil cites Manic Street Preachers, Guns n’ Roses and Radiohead, and Ignas loves a bit of Jojo Meyer & Nerve, Rage Against The Machine, RHCP, James Brown, J Dilla and Snarky Puppy.

And on what inspires them to write music, Guchi explains: “As wild as a lot of our music can be, they always fall back to a common theme of the feelings we all go through in life. Stuff like the struggles it takes to come back from the bottom; turn away from someone you trusted and also the good times like getting fucked up with mates.

“It’s relatable, it’s true and it’s honest. Every riff and every bar is something we have personally felt and want to share it with our listeners.”

Antlerz have their first gig of the year at The Amersham Arms in New Cross, London, on Saturday (March 7), where they’ll also be shooting the music video for their debut single. So, as Guchi tells us: “Come through, be a part of history and know all of us here will show love!” More info and tickets are available here.

The band will also have shows every month and they’re hoping to be touring across the UK in the summer. Sostay tuned for more very soon!

You can follow Antlerz on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, and get a taste for their music on Soundcloud.

And, if you want to get a taste for their lyrics, Guchi sent us the below:

We stepped up to the table, cuz we know we the best, We’ll own any show here, north, east, south and west,
This is a public address, so don’t be skipping our sets, ‘Cause we about to make waves like a lunar event
And we aint saying all of this to blow up breeze in your ear, We dominate every show like S&M’s our career
So take a look at the socials,
Gonna take this thing global and explode on your city like its name was Chernobyl!

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