New Band of the Week: LUTE

Strap yourself in for an epic start to your week courtesy of heavy progressive rock band LUTE. The Manchester quartet tell us that their epic cinematic sound is almost like listening to a film soundtrack and joke “maybe we’ll write a musical one day!”

LUTE have honed a groove-filled, rhythmically orientated progressive sound that they describe as “epic, cinematic and dynamic.” It tows the line between rock and metal and sits at the heavily technical end of the prog spectrum.

The quartet started out with Ed Truscott (lead vocals and guitar) recording the band’s debut album Learning Through Progression in his home studio. He then recruited a live band that disbanded after a few years, but then got things back up and running with the current lineup of Marc Hatton (lead guitar), Jacqueline Savickas (bass and backing vocals) and Jonathan Baxendale (drums).

With Lute mark II up and running the band have gone about doing what they do best on latest track Victims of the Fall – an epic track packed with big riffs, changing time signatures and soaring vocal harmonies.

Coming in at eight minutes in length, the track begins in style with repeating guitars that burst into heavier chords over rolling drums. It soon feeds into a cool lively lick that feeds into a verse of light vocals over palm-muted guitars. It soon explodes into a pre-chorus with heavier vocals supported by huge guitars and pounding drums, then a big singalong chorus ends on even more massive drums. It’s absolutely huge.

The second verse doesn’t hang around for long, quickly jumping back into another heavy chorus. Fast-paced guitars return, then drop into spinning little riffs as dual drawn-out vocals come in for a building atmospheric section. More spinning riffs answer big vocal cries, then it drops down in pace in a section of light, laid-back guitars.

But that’s soon forgotten with the spinning riffs and blasts of drums dropping into light, building guitar and drums then a huge smash of guitar chords and a big high-pitched cry. There’s still time for a laid-back little lick to bring a truly epic track to a melodic ending. Give it a listen below:

On the track, they tell us: “The song covers one section of the wider concept of what will be the full album, the inspiration being routine, the corporate machine, austerity and escapism. 

Victims of the Fall tells the story of people who are unhappy with their lives making the case to be taken to an alternative world where they can re-live their lives a different way. These people claim to be ‘Victims of The Fall’ and the song is about them arguing their case to be the chosen ones.”

Probably unsurprisingly, the band take influence from bands like Tool, as well as Alice In Chains, Opeth, King Crimson, Rage Against The Machine and Soundgarden.

And on their musical inspiration, they explain: “We write about things that most people can relate to – Escapism, mainly from the 9 to 5 routine, being a cog in the corporate machine, the desire to break out without necessarily knowing how to do so.”

There’s plenty more to come from the band, who are own planning to put on their own gigs to promote the Manchester prog community rather than using promoters. They’ll be releasing their third single Dead & Buried shortly, which will be supported by a launch show at AATMA in Manchester on Friday, 17 April. More info and tickets are here.

We’re certainly excited to hear what the band have to offer us with their new material, and if Victims of the Fall is anything to go by then we’re pretty certain it’s going to be pretty special.

You can follow LUTE on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, and check out their music on Spotify, Bandcamp, Soundcloud and YouTube.

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