New Band of the Week: Foxhaunt

Exciting York rockers FOXHAUNT tow the line nicely between melodic rock and hard-hitting metal in an engaging sound that they described in three words “hooks, mosh and groove.”

The quintet of Ollie (vocals), Thom and Hayden (guitars), Nick (bass) and Jamie (drums) formed in 2018 and have released six singles to date. As Ollie explains: “As individuals, we are influenced by different artists but all believe in creating music that not only excites on record but also hits home with fans in a live environment.”

Our latest taste of this is new single Trust No One, which was released on Friday. It opens up with a cool jumpy riff that’s soon joined by big drums then explodes into a lively smash of rockiness. Ollie’s engaging vocals jump in over the top of the drums and flitting guitars, then a low guitar riff segues into a big singalong chorus. “I hear it in my head, The voices never end, Now I’ve found my happy place, Is there anything I need to say, Now I’ve found my happy place.”

That drops straight into a second verse that gradually builds up and feeds into another catchy chorus. A big smash of heavy guitars follows it and a cry of “Happy place” brings the track to a close. Check it out in the video below:

This year’s first single was preceded by Dirt, which opens up with a nice low-tuned opening riff that drops into palm-muted guitars then a big stabbing bassline supporting Ollie’s vocals. It dives into a catchy chorus “You know you make me feel like this, And I know you’re nothing but dirt, And you know your face makes me feel so sick, And I know, But I know, You’re nothing but dirt.”

Big bouncy diving guitars are supported by electronic noises and drop into a second verse, which feeds straight into another chorus. Give it a listen below:

And a personal favourite track is the excellent, slightly heavier Point To Prove, which opens up with a lively smash of guitar chords under a little high-pitched lick. Ollie’s vocals jump in supported by high-pitched guitar notes answered by stabs of guitar chord. A big cry of “What am I gonna do, I’ve still got a point to prove” feeds into a big singalong chorus supported by a cool guitar lick.

A second chorus drops into drawn-out guitar chords, then distant vocals and rolling drums end on a big scream and a smash of heavier guitars. Check it out in the video below:

And if you like things a little more mellow, then check out this rendition of it:

Ollie tells us the band is particularly influenced by the likes of Linkin Park, Don Broco and Alexisonfire. And on their sound he told us: “If you like British rock bands with catchy vocals and hard hitting guitars, then we’re the band for you.”

And on what inspires their music, he adds: “Life events, social events, political bollocks and everything in between.”

There’s plenty more to come from FOXHAUNT soon, as Ollie tells us: “We’re pushing everything around Trust No One, but have more music coming. Shows will be rebooked when Covid19 decides to fuck off.”

FOXHAUNT offer up a delicious mix of melody and heaviness with plenty of big riffing supporting Ollie’s engaging vocals, and we’re looking forward to hearing more from them soon.

You can follow FOXHAUNT on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, and check out their music on Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer and YouTube.

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