Introducing: Echoes In Ashes

Expect a progressive yet heavy metal sound from Phoenix, Arizona band Echoes In Ashes, who describe their sound as “complex, intense and imaginative.”

The band first began with vocalist Chris Campbell and guitarist Cody Long under the name Far From Tragic. They soon added another guitarist in Adrian Layton then went through a few member changes before completing the line-up with bassist/vocalist Myles McNeal and drummer Connor Davey.

As Chris explains: “Cody and I clicked on a different level than I have with other muscians. His guitar playing I felt was awesome and has only improved as time goes on. We soon met Adrian who had an incredible talent for guitar and brought a different kind of attitude and sound.

“As time went on we went through two bassists and two drummers. We eventually found Myles and Connor who brought something special we were missing. Myles we found could not only play bass but sing as well. That is due to his experience in accapella groups and choir. Connor had a sound all his own on drums and gave our current sound something I have not heard before.”

While Adrian adds: “I have loved music ever since I could remember. My parents are metal heads and I was raised on the oh so good oldies. I played all instruments I’m Orchestra in my younger years, played orchestral bass in a jazz band and then found the guitar. The guitar is my one true love who has never betrayed me (only stabbed me a little with its strings).”

And Cody told us: “I’ve always had a passion for music. Got my first guitar in third grade but didn’t get serious about playing until high school. That’s how you get the girls right? We all decided that we love music and creating it. Why not share your love with all who love music.”

The band have honed an intriguing sound that’s heavy yet technical. As Chris explains: “Intense, full, and technical enough to be interesting without being inaccessible.”

Our first offering of this is the band’s debut, self-titled EP, which was released last year. It opens up in heavy fashion with the intense Valor, which launches straight into proggy high-pitched guitars over big screamed vocals.

An awesome guitar solo takes over and gives way to more huge screams over a funky twisting lick, then heavier guitars jump back in again. Stabbing guitars take over, and are answered by proggy blitzes under a huge long scream. Give it a listen below:

That’s followed by Forgotten, which starts with drawn-out guitars then a fast spinning guitar lick and huge bass drum build up to wild screams. The screamed vocals intensify and give way to big clean vocals over the heavy, atmospheric instrumental backdrop. Check it out below:

And the EP concludes with the excellent Echoes, which opens up with heavy riffing and a really cool lick. Screamed vocals take over in a lively opening verse before a big catchy chorus led by clean vocals and more cool guitars.

It suddenly drops into spoken vocals that give way to a laid-back guitar solo, which ends with a big scream that ushers in another solo and feeds into a final chorus. Check it out below:

The band list the likes of August Burns Red, Killswitch Engage, As I Lay Dying, All That Remains, Lamb Of God and Corelia among their key influences, as well as the interesting addition of Keith Moon of The Who.

And in terms of what inspires them to write music, Chris said: “It really depends on the song itself. We have written songs about a multitude of things, any where from dark days to the strength of your will. I say the theme of this band is speaking from the heart with our songs. Life has so many peaks and valleys, and each one has its own story to tell.”

The band is currently working on new music so stay tuned for more soon. And they add: “Expected the unexpected. We are always excited to share what we have coming up with our fans and love the support they give us. Music is our passion, it’s how we express our art.”

You can follow Echoes in Ashes on Facebook and Instagram, and check out their music on Spotify and YouTube.

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