Introducing: ALBA

Get your fix of blues-infused rock while saving the planet and going carbon neutral with Spanish-born, London-based solo artist ALBA.

Alba, who describes her music as “classic yet fresh,” started writing music in her homeland of Spain aged 14 and has been an independent, DIY artist ever since. As she explains: “My parents encouraged my creative endeavours since I was a kid and I was blown away when they got me my first electric guitar for my 10th birthday.

“I went through a teenage phase playing in Rock & Roll bands and even founded my very own, Sons of Rock. We toured Spain and got to play at festivals like Rock in Rio, and alongside huge acts like The Waterboys. It was a really fun ride.”

A move to the UK followed. As Alba explains: “The UK was the homeland of some of my musical heroes, so I decided to make it my home. I set up my home studio and recorded a bunch of songs that became the foundation of my own personal sound.”

Our latest taste of her solo music is new single Mass Extinction, which was released in February. It opens up with wah-wah guitars under repeats of “Mass extinction,” then a cool funky opening verse Mother Nature’s crying out for help, How much longer do you give her now.

Stabbing guitars kick in as it builds up in rockiness, then drops back into the funky little chorus. A cool laid-back guitar solo takes over and gives way to a final rocky section and chorus. Check it out in the video below:

On the track, Alba tells us: “I have been talking to fans and they all agree on two things: the message is something they can truly connect with and get behind of, and the video is the perfect vehicle. I’m really pleased that radios and blogs are spreading the message all over the world. All proceeds are going to Extinction Rebellion and Music Declares Emergency, so every time someone shares the song, they are helping our planet.”

Mass Extinction is Alba’s fourth single, and from her previous tracks a personal favourite is Heartbeat. A seriously cool opening riff gives way to her delicious vocals that feed into a catchy chorus. Check it out below:

And if funky bluesy rock is your thing then you’ll love debut track Lucky. It starts off with a cool little lick then cool, edgy vocals over blasts of trumpet that feed into funky repeats of “Lucky” then a little trumpet filler. Watch the video here:

ALBA’s music is inspired by the blues and rock greats, from Eric Clapton, Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin and Stevie Wonder through to newer funk/neo-soul sounds such as John Mayer, Joss Stone, Hiatus Kaiyote, Alicia Keys and Bruno Mars.

And on what inspires her music, she tells us: “Climate change, which I think is the fight of our times, and also about injustice, and everything that seems to drive humans apart instead of coming together, have been recurrent themes for me. These issues make me sad and angry, which are powerful emotions that I can channel through my songs. I like my music to have a message that speaks to people and makes them think or feel something.

ALBA will have new music coming soon, so stay tuned here. You can also catch her performing live on Instagram for MusicToStayHomeFest on Thursday at 7.30pm UK time. More info on that is here.

And she adds: “I’m committed to making this a sustainable world and helping to raise awareness through my music. Make sure you watch my latest video for Mass Extinction  and buy the song here to contribute towards making the world carbon neutral.”

You can follow ALBA on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, and check out her music on Spotify and YouTube.

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