Introducing: All From Nothing

Wind your musical clock back a few decades and gear yourself up for a fast, high energy 90s punk rock throwback with Kansas City quartet All From Nothing.

The band was started by lead singer and rhythm guitarist Jeff Kitselman in January 2017. He was joined later that year by Sage Thurston, who started out as a bassist, then switched to drums before eventually settling on becoming the lead guitarist and backup vocalist. Pav joined the following year, initially on guitar then moving to bass, before the lineup was completed by drummer Garrett Fancher last year.

As Jeff tells us: “All of us have been playing in other bands or on our own since we hit puberty and it all comes from the love of music and the pleasure it has given us.

“People listening to us for the first time would say the melodies are catchy, with sing along choruses, fast and has a punk backbone with rock/pop over over the top. Something different than what is currently out there to listen to.”

Our latest taste of what the band have to offer is Too Little Too Late, which was released on Christmas Day. It opens up with a cool looping punky guitar riff that feeds into big “woh-oh” vocals then a catchy opening verse. That builds up to a singalong chorus driven along by punky chords and lively drums. Give it a listen below:

On the track, Jeff tells us: “Too Little Too Late is a little more pop rock then some of our other songs, which was why we released it as a single instead of with the EP in August. It’s always hard to figure out what our fans are going to really be into as we hear a full opinion of spectrums, ranging from people wishing we played some softer music with less screams to the other side that we should do more screams!

“So we like to change it up here and there as our influences are all over the place and we love all kinds of music. Overall the track has had great feedback and seems the ladies do like it more than our male fans.”

Indeed, the band’s previous EP Second Chances is generally a little edgier and heavier. It opens up with the lively Actions Speak (Louder Than Words), which is driven forwards by cool punky guitars and engaging vocals, including the second verse’s opening lyrics “I know sometimes I’m annoying, To tell the truth you’re kind of boring.” Check it out in the video below:

While closing track Second Chances is an anthem that goes out to anyone who’s struggling with life and an appeal for them to give life a second chance. It’s a classically catchy heavy punk rock track, with plenty of chunky guitars and screamed supporting vocals. Check it out in the video here:

And, as an added treat, how about a heavy punk version of Kenny Loggins’ classic Danger Zone? You got it… check it out here:

The band cites popular punk and rock bands like Blink 182, My Chemical Romance, The Offspring, Green Day, Guns and Roses, Social Distortion and Rise Against as its key influences.

And on what inspires their music, Jeff explains: “Life experiences, problems with our society motivate many of the lyrics, I like to have a passion about what I’m singing. We have written about tough topics such as suicide as we have personally been affected by it and the devastation that it causes. I have written about ongoing racism and injustices, environmental issues, and of course relationships.”

There’s plenty more to come from All From Nothing, with the band having recorded two singles at the Andrew Wade Complex, which is best known for being used for recording by A Day To Remember, last summer. They expect to have a third EP out by the end of 2020.

And Jeff adds: “As a band we have a lot of fun, we are a positive group of guys. Our music is what brings us together as we are all very different in our professional careers outside of music and if it wasn’t for the power of music we may not have formed this group of diverse music, talents and differences.

We want to help others, it is our mission through music providing words and emotional power through our art to give a voice/passion. Our purpose is to provide something positive for others, there is plenty of darkness in the world and we want to help be that light.”

You can follow All From Nothing on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, and check out their music on Spotify, Apple Music and YouTube.

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