New Band of the Week: IMMERSE

In our current state of lockdown, music platforms and social media are more powerful than ever in helping bands to promote themselves to people and helping us listeners find new music. That’s perfectly exemplified in how we discovered exciting new British band IMMERSE on Spotify’s Discover Weekly playlist.

The Bristol band have honed a heavy metal sound that’s laced with punk rock elements, which they describe as “riffy, bold and tasty.”

The band first formed in late 2018 from the ashes of another with a slightly different lineup. On their sound, guitarist Tim Brown tells us: “We’re a nice blend of catchy melodies and heavy breakdowns. Somehow we’ve managed to incorporate everything we like into our music.”

Our most recent offering of this is latest single 23/19 which, by the way, we first discovered through Spotify’s Discover Weekly playlist.

The track kicks off with a low guitar riff, which gives way to heavier guitars and pounding drums under an onslaught of savage screamed vocals. High atmospheric guitars come in as the vocals become a little more melodic through the chorus of “We are suffering, made to disappear, Too weak to save ourselves, We hide the truth behind the silhouettes of who we try to be, How much longer till we fade? How long until we fade?”

That drops into an awesome section of fun low-tuned guitars, then a stabbing high-pitched guitar supports almost spoken vocals “Cut the cancer, Rip the poison from your veins, The devil hides here as your friend, Corrupting everything.” The vocals intensify under driving guitar chords and feed into a final blast of the chorus before a big atmospheric ending.

We love this track, and you can check it out in the video below:

On the track, Tim tells us: “It’s gone down really well! We’ve received some amazing messages and gained new fans over the past few weeks. We feel like it was a great song to bring us back from over a year of no new music. It’s got plenty of energy and attitude. Plus it gets the crowd moving!”

23/19 follows on from the band’s debut album Suffer, which was released in 2018 and is packed with delicious heavy riffing and intense vocals. Although you can perhaps expect a bit more of a punk rock edge to it.

For example, Bury Your Friends opens up with light guitars but huge vocals soon take over with support from driving chords then big atmospheric guitars. Clean vocals come in for the chorus alongside high-pitched guitars, then screams take over, followed by a cool section of a high-pitched lick and driving chords that feed into another chorus. Check it out below:

While debut single Distant features heavier, booming guitar riffs under screamed vocals. While a prolonged laid-back section ends with driving guitar chords and drums that feed into a singalong chorus that ends on a big blast of heavy guitars. Give it a listen below:

The band have varied influences, but find common ground in the likes of Architects, Good Charlotte, The Story So Far and A Day To Remember.

And on what inspires their music, Tim explains: “I love writing music. I feel like I need to get the ideas out my head, otherwise it’s just a massive build up. It’s very satisfying to listen back to a track after building all the different layers. Recurring themes in our songs include love, loss and betrayal, which are all rights of passage whilst growing.”

And, when asked if there’s anything else they’d like people to know about the band, Tim tells us “Peep Show is our fave,” which makes us like them even more!

You can follow IMMERSE on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, and check out their music on Spotify and Apple Music.

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