Easter GigRadio Podcast: Loads of new music!

We have a smorgasboard of new music for you treat your ears to with our Easter special GigRadio podcast episode, which was recorded on Easter Monday.

This includes tracks from our latest two New Bands of the Week, IMMERSE and RADARS. We also offer up brand new music from Havelocke, TEETH, Melisandre’s Beaver, COPE, Trashed, Hollow Doors, Picturesque and Rainium. And we close out this Easter episode with something special, in the form of brand new music from the mighty Billy Talent. Listen here:

GigRadio is available on all good podcast platforms now! These include:

Spotify | Apple Podcasts | Stitcher | Podchaser 

Castbox | Mixcloud | TuneIn | PlayerFM

And you can check out all the bands featured in this episode here:

IMMERSE: FacebookInstagram | Twitter | Spotify

RADARS: FacebookInstagram | Twitter | Spotify

Havelocke: Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Spotify

TEETH: Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Spotify

Melisandre’s Beaver: FacebookInstagramTwitter | Spotify 

COPE: Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Spotify

Trashed: Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Spotify

Hollow Doors: Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Spotify

Picturesque: Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Spotify

Rainium: Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Spotify

Billy Talent: Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Spotify

Thank you for listening to GigRadio, and reading GigRadar! If you liked what you heard, please do subscribe to the podcast on your chosen player and leave us a rating and review on iTunes.

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