New Band of the Week: RADARS

Radars are on full beam as GigRadar meets RADARS! The Hull band have honed an engaging guitar-driven sound that’ll carry you to back to the indie rock heyday of the 2000s, and which they describe as “catchy, dancey and fun.”

The band formed as a collaboration between guitarists Dave Measom and Sam Campbell in the middle of last year, after their previous band Everything to Nothing broke up. They soon set about putting together a fully-fledged indie-rock band by adding singer Jack Moxon, bassist Calvin and Joe Worrall on drums.

As Dave tells us: “All five members have had varied musical paths leading up to this point, with Joe attending BIMM in Manchester, Jack having a successful solo acoustic project, and Calvin’s previous involvement in bands around Hull. But the whole band is now focused on working towards turning RADARS into a successful touring band.”

And on their sound, he adds: “We’re aiming to add our own take to the current indie revival with a throwback to a mid-2000s indie dance sound, which combines twinkling guitar lead, foot-tapping bass lines, and powerful soaring vocals. From driven rhythms in Wasted Melody and softer reflections in Gloria to the bouncing Same Page, we want to create a sound that can get people up on their feet at shows.”

Our latest taste of what the new band has to offer is third single Same Page, which was released on Friday (10 April). It opens up with a funky little fast-paced riff, then engaging vocals “They’ll give you money for old rope, Then tie you down and with the words they’ll choke you” come in over a jaunty bassline with light guitars joining in as the vocals pick up pace.

It drops into a laid-back pre-chorus of “Are you in or are you out, Time to stand up and be counted,” which bursts into a lively chorus with catchy vocals supported by a flickering guitar riff. A second chorus gives way to cool guitars, which then support more intense vocals that feed into a final chorus.

On the track, Dave tells us: “Same Page is an evolution from earlier singles Wasted Melody and Gloria, with a focus on more danceable rhythms. Jack’s thought provoking lyrics alongside a variety of memorable riffs and rhythms make it a song we hope can resonate with listeners.” Give it a listen below:

This track was preceded by the equally catchy Gloria, which starts out with light guitars then a big stabbing bassline is joined by a funky guitar lick and heavier drums. Light vocals come in and instantly launch into a lively opening verse, then feeds into a big catchy chorus that begins “One of these lies is not like the other, How do I sleep while I’m undercover, Gloria.”

The chorus gives way to a verse of big vocals supported by guitar chords and a twinkling lick, which feeds straight into another chorus. Check it out below:

And both of these tracks follow on from engaging debut single Wasted Melody, which has an infectious chorus that gets stuck in your head for hours. Check it out here:

The band’s sound his honed by influences including the likes of fellow guitar-driven indie rock bands like Two Door Cinema Club, Foals, Kings of Leon, Circa Waves and The Vaccines.

And on what inspires them to write music, Dave adds: “The main reason that we write music is so that it can be enjoyed by listeners and by us playing it to them! The key to our lyrics is making it relatable in a number of different situations, such as the vibes of a Saturday night out in Wasted Melody, the more reflective thoughts on infidelity in Gloria, to the unifying call of defiance in Same Page.”

RADARS have honed a really engaging sound that we’re loving the sound of. Their infectious vocals and lively guitars are a bit of a blast to the indie rock past and are sure to have you hooked. The band hopes to be back in the studio to work on new releases shortly and, once the virus nonsense is over and done with, should have their live first shows upcoming.

You can follow RADARS on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, and check out their music on Spotify, Soundcloud, Bandcamp, Apple Music and YouTube.

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