Introducing: Starve The Beast

Experience the duality of classic analog rock’n’roll meets hard rock fused with electronic grooves from Indianapolis band Starve The Beast, who describe their sound as “groove, power and grit.”

Starve The Beast started out with frontman Will Woodrow and guitarist Jeff Kleindorfer, who had played in previous projects for around eight years. As Will explains: “Prior to this band I’ve been primarily a bassist/frontman. I wanted to try something different than the typical ‘guitars and drums’ rock band, so I started programming synth tracks, and coming up with new sounds, and creating layers behind the band.

“I also wanted to develop myself as a frontman without the bass. I’ve been writing songs my whole life. I started out writing hip-hop lyrics, and making beats as a kid, so it’s only natural I found my way back to the keys.”

With the new project planned out they brought in bassist John (Shecky) Mills, who had plenty of experience both on stage and as a recording engineer, and Brett Siples on drums.

As Will explains: “Everyone in the band has similar goals with the music and direction. Which is rare. It’s taken a long time to find. It’s solid chemistry at the right time.”

The band just released latest single Motomaniac, which opens up with the sound of a motorcycle starting up then running under big doomy electronic sounds. An effect-ridden guitar sound comes in, then a light lick under twinkles of digital noises, which feed into an opening verse led by echoey vocals. It feeds into a big chorus supported by an electronic instrumentals, and feeds into a cheeky little guitar solo. Give it a listen below:

That followed on from last year’s EP Puzzle, from which we’re particularly enjoying the sound of second track Monster. It starts out with a cool little guitar lick that drops into engaging vocals “I’ve got a monster under my skin, Angry at the world and it wants revenge.” Background synth and guitars gradually build up to a big catchy chorus of “Chain the beast, Demons on a leash, Tame the monster inside of me, A thousand ways to kill a monster, Each attempt just makes it stronger.”

That drops straight into a brief second verse of “There’s a monster living in myt mind, Can’t seem to shake it, shake it, No matter how I try, Holy water, Can’t stop this creature, Now I am the monster,” which feeds into the chorus. That’s followed by big intertwining guitar solos, that drop into sinister-sounding section of low vocals and building guitars, which bursts into life with a final rendition of the chorus. What a tune, and you can check it out below:

While title track Puzzle starts with a more laid-back opening verse over chugging palm-muted guitars then a pre-chorus of “I found myself in places I didn’t belong, Just trying to solve a puzzle but the pieces were wrong.” That feeds into a big singalong chorus of big cried vocals answered by more laid-back responses “I feel your edges, I feel your lines, When I’m missing, You make me feel alive, You are the bullet to my pistol, You are the missing, Pieces to the puzzle,” with bursts of synth over heavier guitars.

The second chorus drops into a section of heavy guitars underpinned with synthy bursts, which give way to a lively ending. Check it out below:

The band have been influenced by a wide spectrum of music. Will names Morphine as a personal favourite and Brett is a huge KISS fan – to the point that he has an entire room dedicated to collecting KISS memorabilia.

But collectively, they take influence from the likes of Black Sabbath, Alice In
Chains, Clutch, Nine Inch Nails, Ministry, Motorhead, Iron Maiden, Tool, Rage Against The Machine, Led Zeppelin and more.

And on what inspires them to write music, Will tells us: “It’s evolved a lot over the years. I try to write about the things I’m going through. Or rather, the things we’re all going through. When I first started writing rock songs, I think I did what a lot of people do. Wrote about relationships, and heartache, and hard living. But over the years, I’ve changed. My relationships and the dynamics of my life have grown.

“Sometimes I write about people around me. I used to have a very blunt and ‘speak my mind’ style, but I’d like to think I’ve developed some tact. I’ve started to intertwine my lyrics in obscurity. Whether they be about an individual specifically, or society in general. I’ve really tried to be less wordy, but still have depth and be relatable.”

There’s plenty more to come from Starve The Beast – Covid-19 dependent of course – as Will outlines: “2019 was really good to us in the way of opening new doors. We picked up a new booking agent, and got on with a couple national shows last year. We did some travelling, played some festivals, and plan to do more of the same this year. We’ve got a couple other National acts we’re sharing the stage with, and our agent is tied in with some large scale concert and festival promoters that we’re excited to work with.

“We really plan to start hitting the recordings pretty regularly this year. Our goal currently is to focus on putting out a new singe each month. And if we can swing it, more videos, content, and interaction with our fans and followers!”

And Will added: “We’re extremely grateful for the team we have been able to build, the opportunities that are opening up for us, the people who have been supportive of us, and we’re excited to see what the rest of the year holds. If anyone wants to track us, you can find everything on our website.”

You can follow Starve The Beast on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, and check out their music on Spotify, Bandcamp and YouTube.

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