New Band of the Week: Pipeline

Genre-mashing experimental project Pipeline brings together an unusual fusion of metal, EDM and rap, which they tell us was spawned from guitarist Connor Wyatt’s pedal addiction.

The new Brighton quartet, completed by vocalist Malique Greaves, bassist Sam Clarke and drummer Nick Lemon, describe their intriguing sound as “glitch rock.” It combines aggressive vocals, heavy metal guitars and bass and groovy drums with, in their words, weird, really really loud electronic noises.

As they put it: “We’re a band of weird dudes brought together by as a genre mashing experiment and product of Wyatt’s pedal addiction. You take aggressive high energy rap, pair it with a heavy groovy drum beat, a thick low end bass and sprinkle some glitchy, fuzzy guitar on for good measure.

“We wanted the sound of EDM and samples over the top of a metal song, with a bunch of weird and unexpected elements thrown in there. On paper it sounds horrible, but in practice it works.”

And Wyatt adds: “I wanted to create a band that combined the pump of EDM, the heaviness of metal with surprising and weird electronic sounds, all created by the instruments.

“The idea was initially to make electronic music, but we realised that the hook of vocals and a constant low end was what the band needed.”

Our first taste of this is the Pipeline’s debut single, on which the band tell us: “The song itself is really simple, but it’s full of odd sounds that you wouldn’t expect to hear out of a guitar, bass etc…

“It’s heavy as hell, makes you want to move, mosh and the breakdown is just a disgusting wall of noise, the best way to end the song. The vocals are driven and aggressive and the lyrics have a deep meaning and are very in your face.”

It opens up with a building electronic noise then a cry of “Work it out” ushers in a blast of lively guitars and drums. A funky little electronic noise jumps in and continues under Malique’s rapped vocals, then a high-pitched beep feeds into a chorus of spoken vocals “You’ve got the message so work it out, I’ve seen the changes, You’re dying now.”

A second chorus drops into low electronic noise under spoken vocals, then a winding little guitar riff ends with Malique saying “Run it.” Upon which the a heavier version of the riff and pounding drums take over, then gives way to booming guitar chords and electronic noises that bring the track to a close. We love the sound of this, and you can check it out below:

On the track, Malique explains: “I feel like with everything going on in the world specifically things that have come to light in the last 10 years that we need to make ourselves to those in positions of power until they finally get the message.”

Their sound is inspired by the likes of Rage Against the Machine, The Prodigy, Knife Party, Figure and Hacktivist and, as Malique adds: “Most of the sounds were happy accidents. Wyatt has done a rundown of his tone and parts on the Pipeline Instagram.”

While on their musical inspirations, Malique explains: “Most of my lyrics will be written after the other guys lay down some instrumental parts or start jamming in which case I would jump in and start saying what’s on my mind.

“Themes and topics always seem to circle back to politics, mental health, the environment and drug use. I tend to write about the things weighing on me that I don’t get to speak about on a daily basis.”

There’s plenty more to come from Pipeline and we’re looking forward to hearing more of their unique sound. As they tell us: “We had a bunch of gigs cancelled due to the lockdown but we’re definitely gonna fit in as many as we can when it’s safe to do so!

“We have another single in the works currently and we have started work on a mixtape where we approach our usual songs from a different direction so eyes and ears out for that!”

And they add: “If you like new sounds, high energy and underlying messages then Pipeline is the way to go!”

You can follow Pipeline on Facebook and Instagram, and check out their music on Spotify and Apple Music.

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