Discover This: BetyLJoos

New York City solo artist BetyLJoos offers up a delicious dose of alternative metal with grunge and classic rock influences. The band is the work of Linda Dale, who takes on guitar and bass duties alongside the vocals, with assistance of guests on drums and some guitar duties.

On the unusual name – it can be prounouced either Bay-tyl-juice or Betty L Juice, and on it Linda says: “The name was given to me in a bar while I was collecting the cover charge for my friend’s band. I was wearing a striped shirt and the people near me didn’t know my name but kept buying me drinks all night. Eventually they told me they were calling me Beetle Juice because of my shirt. So I changed the spelling, played with the pronunciation a bit, and it stuck.”

BetyLJoos started out with enjoyable debut album Dredging The Hudson in 2017, and has followed that up with two singles.

The latest is Back In Time, which opens up with big blasts of rolling guitars and drums in a lively intro. That drops into engaging vocals “Right now I know you’re sleeping, And I hope that it’s peacefully, ”Cause right now I could use some dreaming, Let’s take our trip to where we once said” before more drawn-out vocals.

The pace picks up a little rolling riff under the vocals, then into a chorus of delicious vocals “Could I go anywhere, I’d like to go back in time, Anywhere, I’d like to go back in time,” then funky little “oo-bap-bap” under the rolling guitars.

Stabbing guitars then come in for a more upbeat second verse then a chorus gives way to big drawn-out vocals. That ends on the rolling guitars and drops into another verse and chorus. It’s a fun and catchy track and you can check it out below:

While previous single Wishing Well offers an insight into the slightly darker, more sinister sound of Betyljoos. Give it a listen below:

From the album, we particularly like the sound of Leave A Light On, which sees engaging vocals gradually build up to a big catchy chorus supported by heavy screamed vocals. Check it out below:

We had a chat with Linda to find out more about Betyljoos. Read on below…

GR: Who is BetyLJoos?

LD: “BetyLJoos is a solo artist project from NYC. For short, I go by Betty. I have been with this project for about 4 years and the name was given to me organically by friends and I decided to use it.”

GR: You just released Back In Time. What should people be expecting from the song?

LD: “Back in Time is inspired by people I have known in the past who are no longer with me. It is both a celebration of their life as well as a wish to back in time and see them again.”

GR: How would you describe your sound to people that haven’t listened to you yet?

LD: “I would say my sound is straight up rock. With a hint of grunge, metal, and pop influences.”

GR: What influences you to write music? Any key themes or topics that you write about?

LD: “I write about my experiences in life and how I am feeling. I just sit down and start writing and then whatever is happening at that moment inspires what comes out.”

GR: Which bands/musicians are/have been your strongest musical influences?

LD: “I have been influenced by so many. I definitely appreciate many of the classic rock artists from the 70s and 80s. I also listened to much heavier stuff in high school as well, which I also enjoy.”

GR: What have you got coming up in 2020?

LD: “We are hoping to finish the entire album before the year is over and back in time is one of the songs that will be on it.”

GR: Anything else you’d like people to know about you/your music?

LD: “For the recording as a solo artist, I am playing guitar, bass and singing on the track and my friend Damien Scro is the drummer. We very much enjoyed recording this song and are looking forward to more releases.”

You can follow BetyLJoos on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, and check out their music on Spotify, Apple Music, Soundcloud and YouTube.

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