New Band of the Week: WRECK

If you need a pick-me-up to get your Monday morning up and running then tune into the sound of Norwich trio WRECK, who fuse delicious fuzzy guitars with wild punky energy.

The band draws influences from late 60s/early 70s punk and psychedelia while incorporating more modern themes into their songwriting, which makes for an intriguing proposition that they describe as “fast, gritty and truthful.”

WRECK initially started out as a bedroom project between frontman Diogo da Silva and guitarist Matt Kennedy, but became more serious when they brought drummer Sam Serazin on board. The trio began writing and booking gigs around Norwich and soon made a name for themselves in the local scene with their wild and unruly live shows.

On their sound, Diogo explains: “We’re very fond of the more classic style of rock n roll and punk 60’s, 70’s stuff, so I think we definitely take great influence from the  sounds and the attitude used back then. But in general, I would say our sound is pretty heavy, dirty, and easy to get loose to.”

Our first taste of this is new EP Satisfied?, which was released last month. On the EP, Diogo told us: “We’ve actually been really happy with the reception that the EP has got so far. Have noticed a lot of new people commenting on posts, sharing the EP around and letting us know that they dig it, which is really cool!

“A lot of the songwriting in this EP was written during a time in which we we’re definitely partying too much, going out a lot, and just generally getting shitfaced too much! I feel like that certainly gets reflected into the EP for sure.”

The EP opens up with psychedelic noises in the intro to Let’s Ride, which continue as spoken vocals come in over the top. Around three minutes in it begins to kick into life with guitars and wild vocals in the background, the drums intensify. And a big cry of “alright” launch into some cool guitar riffing to bring the track to a big ending.

That feeds into 21st Century Girl, which begins with a cool little stabbing bass and drawn out guitars then drops into a verse of engaging spoken/shouty vocals. It explodes into a big chorus with vocals supported by lively driving guitars. High-pitched guitars support the second verse and feed into another big chorus, which drops into wild effects-ridden guitars answered by driving chords.

It then drops into a trippy little psychedelic section before Diogo’s vocals return over building palm-muted guitars. That eventually drops into a big guitar solo that feeds into a final chorus then big fuzzy guitars to bring the track to a huge ending. Give it a listen below:

That’s followed by the EP’s lead single Toyboy, which opens up with cool fuzzy guitars and wild screamed vocals. Big cymbals come in then it drops into Diogo’s cool echoey vocals supported by a little bassline then a cool little guitar riff, which kicks into overdrive over cries of “alright.” A funky little lick drops into a second verse that’s supported by another cool lick and builds into another brash punky chorus, which ends on a cool little fast-paced solo.

It soon drops into big drawn-out guitars that drop into spoken vocals over light guitars and drums that gradually increase in pace. That builds up to a wild smash of fast-paced guitars and cymbals under wild vocals, then drop into the drawn-out guitars to bring this awesome track to a close. Check it out in the video below:

The EP closes out with title track Satisifed?, which opens up with a cool little riff that’s soon joined by drums and stabbing piano. That continues under cool laid-back vocals “Well I don’t wanna watch TV, I see the people out there making a stand, Guess I’m too busy to lend a hand, Well I just need to feel satisifed,” then cries of “Come on.”

A second chorus drops into a quick spurt of heavier guitars then a more laid-back section of light guitars and a rumbling bass under lively shouty vocals. Palm-muted guitars come in under “I tell them I just need to feel satisfied,” which give way to a big guitar solo over the opening riff and wild cries of “Come on” that bring the EP to a heavy conclusion.

It’s a delicious EP packed with engaging vocals, plenty of big punky riffing and loads of energy. And on what inspires it, Diogo explains: “Could be anything really; having nothing to do, doing too much, just listening to a lot of music. I enjoy reading poetry and working out themes and ideas from poems and poets too, so that’s certainly an inspiration as far as lyrics and vocals go.

“This EP, for example, in particular focuses on the sense of dissatisfaction throughout daily life. Or more the surprising sense of dissatisfaction, given where we live and the actual quality of life in comparison to some. It’s as if nothing is ever enough; need more sex, drugs, unnecessary technology and clothes, but none of it ever really seems to fully satisfy our restless nature.”

And on what to expect from them post-EP he says: “Gigs, studio, gigs, studio, gigs, hopefully all as soon as this pandemic lets up!”

You can follow WRECK on Facebook and Instagram, and check out their music on Spotify, Apple Music and YouTube.

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