Introducing: Brookline

New York band Brookline are going out with a bang with an excellent, diverse EP that blends post-hardcore and alternative rock elements along with emo and punk influences.

The band formed in 2018 and enjoyed a growing reputation on the Albany music scene, but new EP Where Do I Go From Here? sees the band make an impressive mark. It also marks a turning point as guitarist and founder Mikey Pace prepares to deploy in the United States Army.

The band describe their engaging rock sound as: “Versatile. Each song has a different vibe and influence, yet we keep it in our realm.” And that comes across in Where Do I Go From Here?, which was released in April.

It opens up with the lively Dive In, which opens up with high-pitched guitars that are soon joined by big chords and driving drums. It drops into frontman Tommy Carter’s engaging vocals, then drawn-out guitars feed into a big catchy chorus “Dive in head first, Try to make the best of it, This could be worse, Just make it make sense ’cause, You don’t even know what the bottom of the barrel feels like, You don’t have to go, So stand strong and I know you’ll be fine.”

A laid-back lick and heavy chords take over and feed into another lively verse, that dive straight into the catchy chorus. That gives way to a delicious little guitar solo, then vocals “Sometimes you realise that what you needed was here the whole time” feed into a final blast of the chorus. Check it out in the video below:

Another great track from the EP sees the pace drop a little at the start of Transparent, with light guitars supporting Tommy’s laid-back vocals. That soon bursts into a more intense chorus of “Bury, Bury the recollection you have of me I am not the man I used to be, I’m breathing, Breathing in making best of the mess I made, And I’m breaking out of this masquerade.”

Palm-muted guitars jump in for a more intense second verse that feeds into another big singalong chorus. Check out this huge track in the video below:

On the EP, the band told us: “The response for this EP was a little different than previous, because we branched out a little more on this one. The first two songs have that Brookline feel, and the last two have a bit of a different, slowed down feel to them. A lot of our fans and friends love it, some people may not like the change too much but that’s okay.”

The band’s latest EP comes as frontman Mikey heads into the US Army, while the rest of the band are also keeping themselves busy. As they explain: “With Mikey being deployed, we decided to just leave Brookline alone for now and see what everyone’s doing when he gets back. Our drummer, Chris, is engaged and Tommy, our singer, is also engaged and has a little girl and home and another baby due in December. Dae, our other guitarist, is always making music on his own, and I’m sure the rest of us will too, in some capacity.”

The band’s members have a diverse range of musical influences, from Beartooth and The Story So Far to The Wonder Years and Linkin Park. And on their musical inspiration, they tell us: “Our songs are about personal struggles. Internal mental struggles, relationships, that type of thing.”

So while Brookline may not be releasing more music in the near future, we firmly recommend giving their latest EP a listen. As the band tell us: “We try to write music people can relate to and know they’re not alone, and we take pride in that. We are proud of what we did in this short time, and so thankful for the support we’ve received. We hope to see our fans again and some new faces in the near future.”

You can follow Brookline on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, and check out their music on Spotify, Apple Music and YouTube.

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