New Band of the Week: Pave The Jungle

Newcastle band Pave The Jungle have honed an intriguing, unusual sound that walks the tightrope between chaos and melody. The band fuse the engaging elements of US indie-rock and the noisiness of post-punk with the power of alternative rock.

The quartet of Rachael (guitar and vocals), Jack (bass), Stephen (guitar and vocals) and Scott (drums, have been making tunes together under various other guises for a number of years. However, they only formed Pave The Jungle late last summer, when Rachael decided to bring a fresh approach to a collection of tracks she’d written.

They just released their third single Ants, which opens up with cool high-pitched guitars over lively drums then a laid-back little lick. That drops into Rachael’s drawn-out vocals over light guitars in a slightly trippy sounding opening verse. The pace picks up and feeds into a big chorus led by Rachael’s engaging vocals, supported by cool little guitar riffs, which drops into a noisy little instrumental section.

That drops into intense cried vocals supported by guitars and drums that build the sense of chaos, then a quick chorus drops into another noisy instrumental section to bring the track to a close. It’s chaotic, intense but fantastic. Give it a listen below:

On Ants, Rachael tells us: “I got the inspiration for Ants after reading Flowers for Algernon. The book is about a mouse named Algernon who undergoes surgery in order to increase his intelligence. The surgery is then also performed on a man named Charlie Gordon. Charlie is the first human to undergo this surgery and the reader follows his journey via a series of progress reports he writes himself.

“What struck me about the story were the themes surrounding the treatment of intellectually disabled people – how, as Charlie’s intelligence increases, his childlike naivety and love for the smaller things in life decreases. This prompted lyrics like ‘comfort in naivety inside.'”

“Musically I wanted this song to reflect the chaotic and unpredictable nature of life. This is why the chorus is the only repeated section of the song. I wanted it to be quite progressive. At the time of writing this I had just discovered Pile. I fell in love with the way their songs are so unusually structured and are quite chaotic, but in the middle of it all is an amazing melody that draws you in.”

That track follows funky second single Cookie Cutter, which opens up with lively bursts of guitar and drums. Rachael’s engaging vocals take over with bursts of guitars and drums supporting her, then feeding into a catchy chorus “Stop the assembly line, I want to get off, This place is far too clinical for me.”

A second chorus, which repeats second time around, gives way to a cool little mini solo, then a mass of noisiness that feed into a more intense final chorus. Check it out below:

Pave The Jungle takes inspiration from bands like Pile, The Joy Formidable, Smashing Pumpkins, as well as Jack White and Emma Ruth Rundle. And, much like us, they put a lot of emphasis on discovering new music, which they store in their Jams For Humans Spotify playlist. Ahem… if you like finding new music then check out our brand new weekly new music playlist Fresh Tunes (which we just added Ants too).

While debut single Jelly, which may well be a personal favourite, manages to be laid-back and dreamy yet heavy and engaging at the same time. It opens up with a delicious repeating riff over cool guitar chords then Rachael’s vocals take over in a verse supported by a chugging bassline. That ends on a big echoey cry that ushers in a return of the cool opening guitars.

A dreamy sounding chorus follows with Rachael’s drawn-out vocals over repeating guitars, then drops into more mellow vocals “Lured in by melody, Created by grace not touched by me, Maybe if I meditate, Get out of this skin, I could touch them.” Heavier guitars jump in alongside Rachael’s distant vocals, then darting guitars join in alongside rolling drums in a big atmospheric instrumental section to close the track. Give it a listen below:

So many. Those most closely linked to our sound would probably be Pile, The Joy Formidable, Smashing Pumpkins, Jack White, Emma Ruth Rundle and all that kinda good stuff. Like all bands (I imagine), we put a lot of emphasis on sharing new discoveries with one another, and we house them in our ‘Jams for Humans’ Spotify playlist.

There’s plenty more to come from Pave The Jungle, who had loads of live stuff wiped out when ruddy Covid rudely happened. They’re in the process of rescheduling and have two festivals confirmed for this Autumn – Last Train Home in Darlington on 5 September and Hit The North in Newcastle on 18 October. And, the band’s debut EP The Hissing is set for release on 9 October.

You can follow Pave The Jungle on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, and check out their music on Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, Soundcloud and YouTube.

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