Discover This: Drama Dolls

If, like us, you’re looking for a bit of fun punk rock to liven up the endless days of sitting at home in lockdown then Drama Dolls may be just the band for you. The Los Angeles trio fuse popiness with punkiness in a lively, high energy and highly enjoyable punk rock sound.

The trio of Doc Egg (guitar and vocals), Scrambles (drums and vocals) and TKO (bass and vocals) got together one wintery LA night – if such a thing exists – to let off a little punk rock steam and Drama Dolls was born.

They’ve since honed a sound that flits between punk rock angst, with tracks like the intense Stop Fucking With Me, and humour and melody such as the catchy, poppy We Like To Party.

The most recent offering is Favorite Girl, which was released on Tuesday (30 June). It opens up with drawn-out fuzzy guitar chords and rolling drums, then light vocals “You always look so innocent, I wonder if you dye your hair, Everything us always impeccable, Down to the clothes you wear.” It builds up to a catchy chorus of livelier guitars and singalong vocals “I wanna be your favorite girl, I wanna be the one you like the most.”

Second-time around the chorus repeats and extends, then drops into heavier drums, a guitar slide and a repeating high notes and a scream that lead into a fun final smash of the chorus. Check it out below:

As mentioned, things get a little more feisty with the intense Stop Fucking With Me, which comes from last year’s debut EP Five. It starts out with a drawn-out riff and laid-back drums, which continue under almost spoken vocals “Everyone had warned me that you wouldn’t stop messing with me, I didn’t wanna believe but I’m just tired of you playing with me, You refused to see, You won’t leave it’s a bad scene, I just don’t agree, The brush is yours keep fucking with me.”

Heavier guitars kick in under increasingly intense repeats of “Stop fucking with me,” then gives way to layered backing vocals over guitar chords and drops into another laid-back verse. This time the backing vocal section gives way to big screamed vocals and huge cries of “Stop fucking with me” in a heavy ending. Give it a listen below:

But I Don’t Wanna Wait also gives us a good glimpse of the band’s fun, edgier, more punky side with big shotuty chorus vocals and driving drums in a really catchy track. Check it out in the video below:

We had a chat with the trio to find out more about them. Read on below…

GR: Who are Drama Dolls?

DD: “Doc Egg, Scrambles, and TKO are the Drama Dolls from Los Angeles, California. Scrambles and Doc Egg met one night many years ago at a show playing in different bands. Between Scrambles’ music and Dog Egg’s wardrobe malfunctions, they knew they should be friends. Scrambles and TKO met through family and mutual friends, realized they were long lost soul sisters and started playing together. Scrambles had a feeling and introduced us all.

“From the first play session, we knew there was something cool going on. Also, honestly, we have all had band situations with too much drama – just musicians being musicians mostly – but the three of us all wanted a musical outlet that was fun, supportive, safe, and with friends to rock out. Thus the Drama Dolls were born!”

GR: You just released Favorite Girl. What should people be expecting from the track?

DD: “We were writing together pretty heavily at the time and realized we were all huge fans of the 90’s – Hole and the Live Through This album. We all wanted to be the girl with the most cake like Courtney Love.”

GR: How would you describe your sound to people that haven’t listened to Drama Dolls yet?

DD: “We call it brat punk because sometimes we can get really loud and fast and yelly, and sometimes we are a little softer or more melodic. We really just enjoy exploring whatever comes up, style be damned. That’s the Drama Dolls.”

GR: What influences you to write music? Any key themes of topics that you write about?

DD: “It’s what’s inside our heads. We’re influenced by everything we see, hear, think about, and eat. Plus, sometimes you just need to vomit out a feeling, and we’re pretty sure that’s something everyone can get on board with.”

GR: Which bands/musicians have been your strongest musical influences?

DD: “We are fans of pretty much every different kind of music, but we’re also children of the 80’s and 90’s so probably that’s where most of our sound comes from. All three of us have such different influences and backgrounds. Drama Dolls are like if L7 or the Muffs became the Go-Go’s and lived on the SpiceWorld bus.”

GR: “What have you got coming up in 2020?

DD: “We have a dual EP coming out later this year, Over the Shoulder and Boulder Holder, produced by the badass Bob Marlette and recorded at one of the dopest studios on Earth, Larrabee Studios. It’s a crazy time right now, but we are super excited to get back to performing live when it is safe enough. We would hate for anyone to get sick or get someone else sick from one of our parties.”

GR: Anything else you’d like people to know about you/your music?

DD: “If you can’t come to the party, we want to bring the party to you. Our songs range from punk-y to pop-y, we hope there is something for everyone!”

You can follow Drama Dolls on Facebook and Instagram, and check out their music on Spotify, Soundcloud and YouTube.

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