Introducing: Hemmera

Until now, we’ve only ever covered one band from Brazil and no metal bands from the country. However, Ponta Grossa newcomers Hemmera have well and truly put the nation’s scene on our map with their intoxicating fusion of metal, electronica, trance and orchestral elements, plus the contrast of screamed vocals and melodic choruses.

Hemmera officially started out in mid-2018 when vocalist João Matheus invited some friends to be part of the band he was creating. The band has seen its fair share of changes since it was first formed, but look all set to stick around for good now with the quartet completed by Henry Andreas (guitars), Higor Vaz (bass) and Huesley Pavelecini (drums).

Their first offering is debut album Alicerce (which translates to Foundation), which was mixed and mastered by João and was the band’s first venture into the world of music as a band and as producers. And it’s a very impressive debut effort.

The album opens up in impressive fashion with the huge Hipócrita, which opens up with a cool fast-paced guitar lick that continues under a huge wall of booming guitars and drums and wild vocals. Terrifying guttural screams take over and give way to the huge guitars and drums, then big doomy guitars and drums feed into a big singalong chorus with synth sounds lingering in the background.

More doomy drums give way to huge low-tuned guitars, then a wild fast-paced solo and pounding drums take over. That drops into another powerful chorus, which suddenly gives way to a cool electronic trancey section, which continues under low-tuned guitars to bring the track to a close.

That feeds straight into title track Alicerce, which starts out with big driving drums under a laid-back lick in a huge atmospheric intro. Big screamed vocals take over, then cool little guitar licks feed into a faster smash of screams then an engaging, atmospheric chorus.

That drops straight into booming low-tuned guitars and big screams that are joined by a cool fast-paced synth, which feed into another chorus. Check it out in the YouTube stream below, which has lyrics underneath for any Portuguese speakers!

Things get even darker on the intensely sublime Outra Vez, which dives straight into low-tuned guitars and pounding drums, which are joined by a sinister synth. Huge screams take over alongside a fun riff then huge drums and a terrifying scream. Huge bouncy guitar riffs come in then big cymbals under repeating chords, then powerful doomy guitars and cymbals tee up a final blast of intense screams and heavy instrumentals. Give it a listen here:

While the latest single release is A Minha Tortura (My Torture), for which the band released their first video. It starts off with a fun lively riff that continues with vocals that echo it, then drop into big djenty guitars before taking a more terrifying dark turn. But it swiftly switches to a chorus of clean vocals and enjoyable bouncy guitars, then ends on huge screamed vocals. Give this excellent track a listen below:

A particularly intriguing track is the O Conto de um Homem Morto (The Tale of a Dead Man), which starts out with low-tuned booming guitars and big screamed vocals. It then goes a little more post-hardcore alongside the huge screams, then booming guitars alongside harmonic notes soon feed into a trancey section. Give it a listen here:

The album is a great listen from a band that certainly isn’t afraid to mix things up by merging moody metal with intense, heavy riffing, doomy darkness, edgy electronica and more melodic moments. And we love it!

On the album, João told us: “The reception until now is positive, but we really appreciate the constructive criticism. You should expect screaming, distorted guitars and some electronic/trance elements, plus melodic choruses. We were inspired on the mix of metal with electronic music, and the lyrics talk about life problems in a positive way, like depression and anxiety.”

The band’s sound has been heavily influenced by Asking Alexandria, along with band like Bring Me The Horizon, and Attack! Attack!. While Brazilian bands like Gloria, In Treze and Theoria de Allice (who we’ll go and check out now!) have also had their influence.

And Joao tells us their lyrics also come from closer to home. As he explains: “Our lyrical influences are from some Brazilian bands, like Gloria. We like to write about our problems, which I’m sure many people have in common. We talk a lot about depression and important issues that people are used to ignore.”

Speaking of Brazilian bands, Hemmera are only the second we’ve featured from the country, so we asked João for his thoughts on the nation’s music scene. He told us: “A lot of really good bands are born in the rock/metal scene in Brazil, such as Project46 and John Wayne for example. But the support is really bad, the public does not consume new bands and is always living in the past. So new bands must be very persistent to not give up on their dreams.”

So while there may not be much support from home, we’re very much keen to find new Brazilian bands like Hemmera who are creating great music. So go give them a listen and check out all the other bands João was kind enough to mention above.

Hemmera are currently focused on making videos and doing live shows on Facebook to promote the album. But they have plenty in the works, including recording new music to bring our way.

You can follow Hemmera on Facebook and Instagram, and check out their music on Spotify and YouTube.

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