Discover This: Devil In Disguise

Yesterday, we brought you a Russian band who attest to create the Devil’s music, and today we’re bringing you a Baltimore band called Devil In Disguise. Despite that, we promise you that the enforced lockdown hasn’t suddenly transformed us into Satan worshippers!

Devil In Disguise have honed a huge energetic hard rock meets metalcore sound that’s big on riffing and engaging vocals. And that is epitomised by debut single Purge, which was released at the end of last year.

Purge opens up with a cool little riff over siren sounds, then a huge cry of “Let’s go” ushers in a huge wall of the same riff over driving bass and drums. Big screamed vocals take over, feed into clean vocals, then the screams return before cries of “This is our anthem, it’s time to rise up.”

That feeds into a surprisingly catchy chorus in which cries of cries of “Purge, purge, purge” are answered by clean vocals “It’s time to lose control, We are the devils” then “You’ve put your life in my hands, And now it’s time to go, A night you’ll want to forget so join the devils” feeds into a final cry of “And purge.”

A huge second verse follows and builds up to another cool chorus, which this time drops into drawn-out guitars and siren sounds under repeats of “This is our anthem, it’s time to rise up.” Then stabbing guitars lead into a big smash of heavy guitars, bass and driving drums then big screamed repetitions of the previous lyric, which feeds into a big, electronic-fuelled final rendition of the chorus.

Give this huge track a listen below:

GR: Who are Devil In Disguise?

DID: “Devil In Disguise was formed after members Jay, Zack and Anthony reunited to play a local show in a previous band. After a year into playing shows and honing our skills as a band we were picked up by DI records. After a few lineup changes Devil in Disguise found its core group of members. Jay K leading the vocals and guitar, Zack K with the screaming vocals and guitar, Anthony H on the bass and backup vocals and finally Michael B completing the sound on the drums.”

GR: You sent us Purge – sounds huge! What should people be expecting from the song? What inspired you to write it?

DID: “Purge was written in the perspective of a core group of individuals known as ‘The Devils’ who on purge night defend the innocent and afraid. They hunt down the evil and corrupt and show no mercy. This song was inspired after singer Jay K’s short story.”

GR: How would you describe your sound to people that haven’t listened to you yet?

DID: “Our sound is a mix between Hard rock and Rock with Metalcore influences.”

GR: What influences you to write music? Any key themes or topics that you write about?

DID: “This album was inspired by the movie The Purge. We took the idea of the movie and created our own story with us as the characters. Within this theme each member has their own story which leads together at the end.”

GR: Which bands/musicians are/have been your strongest musical influences?

DID: “We are influenced by bands such as Three Days Grace, Papa Roach, Bullet For My Valentine, Breaking Benjamin, Godsmack, Metallica and Rob Zombie.”

GR: What have you got coming up in 2020?

DID: “In 2020 we have undergone a few lineup changes. We have brought Michael into the band and have started working on new material. We are currently writing and recording. We plan to release two songs this year followed by a music video for our new song Nothing Left To Say.”

GR: Anything else you’d like people to know about you/your music?

DID: “When you see us live you don’t just see four guys on a stage, you see a show! Come check us out!”

You can follow Devil In Disguise on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, and check out their music on Spotify, Apple Music and YouTube.

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