Introducing: Future Palace

German rockers Future Palace have honed an exciting alternative rock sound laced with electronic, post-hardcore, pop and soul influences. The band is led by the delicious vocals of frontwoman Maria, which are perfectly contrasted by heavy riffing and atmospheric synths.

The Berlin trio, who are signed to German label Arising Empire, came together when Maria featured as a vocalist for a track for a synth pop band that Manuel and Johannes were in. When the latter duo came to start a new alternative rock-focused project, they remembered Maria and started working together on tracks for Future Palace.

The first track we heard from the band was the superb Ghost Chapter. It opens up with a brief building synth sound that drops into bigger synths over heavy guitars, which feed into Maria’s laid-back vocals over light instrumentals. The intensity of the vocals suddenly increases over heavier guitars, building up to a big catchy chorus of “There are no pages left And the story is untold How the end will turn out Is something we will never,” followed by cries of “We will never, Know.”

A second chorus drops into light synth sounds under Maria’s vocals, which suddenly intensify impressively as it builds towards a final smash of the catchy chorus.

On the track, Maria tells us: “Ghost Chapter has a different sort of topic than our other songs. I started writing the lyrics when Manu gave me the idea to write a song about the topic ‘ghosting’. Ghosting basically means to suddenly end communicating with someone you know, without any explanation. I remembered a situation I experienced similar to ghosting and wrote this song. Compared to the other songs, it has less of a deep emotional past and meaning. But I think many people can still relate to it, plus it was fun to write!”

And Manuel adds: “As far as the music goes we combined rock, pop and heavy elements with 80s synthwave sounds as I’ve been listening to retrowave for quite a while now.”

That follows the massive Immersive, which features the guest vocals of Alazka’s Tobias Rische. It opens up with heavy guitars then a floating synth sound and stabbing guitars support Maria’s light vocals, which intensify building up to a huge chorus.

Haunting synths creep in a fter the second chorus, then Tobias’ heavy screamed vocals take over and build up to a big final blast of the chorus supported by Tobias’ distant screams. What a track this is, and you can check it out in the video below:

And for a taste of how awesome Maria’s vocals are, check out this ‘stripped’ version of their debut single Maybe.

The band tell us they are always open to new sounds, with key influences ranging from Pvris and Bring Me The Horizon to The Midnight and Mike Oldfield (which is a first for this blog!).

And on what inspires them to write music, Maria explains: “It’s mainly just emotions that influence and inspire me. Also, I am a really talkative person and I experienced quite a bit in my life already, so writing music is a perfect form of art for me to express my creativity, emotions and stories.”

And Manuel adds: “Regarding the instrumentals, it’s also mostly about relationships and emotional tensions that heavily influence the songwriting process and inspire me to write new tracks.”

We haven’t featured too many German bands on the site, so we were keen to get the band’s thoughts on music in their homeland. Manuel “Overall the German rock/metal scene consists of many great bands that are steadily gaining more and more attention on an international level. Apart from really big names such as Rammstein, bands like Eskimo Callboy, Alazka or Annisokay keep growing their fanbase and making a mark.

“We have the pleasure to be warm heartedly welcomed to this modern heavy scene by fans as well as people from the industry – for example by being the main support for the EU Tour 2021 of Annisokay and getting much support by our label Arising Empire to spread the word. Looking back a few years the rock/metal scene in Germany seems to be smaller regarding the amount of new bands, but we don’t have the feeling that there are less people liking this kind of music.”

There’s plenty more to come from Future Palace, including their debut album ESCAPE, which will be released on Friday (18 September) and you can pre-order here. They’ll also be playing their own headline tour in Germany in early 2021 ahead of supporting Annisokay’s European tour later next year.

They’re also a band that offers much more than great music, as Maria explains: “To us, Future Palace as a band isn’t only a music project. Our songs often include topics such as mental health and toxic relationships because we want to spread awareness. It’s okay not to be okay – and we want to share our own experiences of escaping bad times to show that it’s possible and worth fighting for.”

You can follow Future Palace on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, and check out their music on Spotify and Apple Music.

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