Introducing: Moments

Belgium is one of the most exciting new hotbeds of metal that we’ve only recently discovered, and we’ve found another great new band to add to it in hard-hitting metal quintet Moments.

The band is formed of five friends who grew up within walking distance of each other in the town of Tessenderlo, in north-eastern Belgium. They all played in various projects before finding “the perfect match” in Moments, as which they released debut album Hopes & Dreams in 2015.

They’ve gone about honing a melodic hardcore meets metalcore sound that offers the perfect blend of melody and seriously heavy metal. Describing their sound, the band tell us: “We usually don’t think of a particular genre when writing and performing our music. We just love energy, catchiness, breakdowns and all of that. Beside that, we try to keep our sound pure and real!”

They just released a three-track single Empathy, from which they sent us These Walls. It opens up with big guitars and driving drums that lead straight into a blast of the heavy chorus led by the vocals “Get rid of the black days, And tear the walls around you down, That you’ve built up to protect you from the outside, Don’t burn the daylight, turn the tide, Get rid of the black days, Tear the walls around you down” over melodic guitars and more driving drums.

That drops into chugging guitars that continue under heavier vocals, which feed straight into a repeat of the chorus. Another section of huge screamed vocals gives way to a big breakdown of low-tuned guitars and big cries of “You’ll be redeemed, Once your walls collapse, You’ll feel relieved, Once your walls collapse.”

More melodic guitars kick in and take us into a final blast of the chorus, which ends with a cool high-pitched guitar lick. Check it out in the video here:

On the track, the band told us: “The support we received on These Walls has been amazing so far! It’s been a while since we released new music so it’s good to see people are still with us. We even made it to some fans in Japan! 

“So about the song, expect a catchy chorus combined with heavy riffs and a clear story behind the lyrics. It perfectly reflects how we want people to recognize our music. Anyone who’s interested in three minutes of pure energy should check it out! 

“When we were writing the song, one of us was struggling with mental health problems. Nowadays a lot of people are facing this issue and it kind of inspired us to write a song about it. We want to spread awareness about mental health and get rid of the taboos around the topic.”

The latest single is Empathy, which opens up with a high-pitched guitar lick that continues under heavy screamed vocals, which also begin with the chorus of “We’re alive, We’re alive in so many ways… We’re all the same, Doesn’t matter where you come from, No matter what you look like, In the end we’re all the same.”

Lower tuned guitars kick in under big screamed vocals, then more melodic guitars take over and build up to another chorus. A huge section of low-tuned guitars and screams gives way to a final blast of the chorus, before ending on bouncy low-tuned guitars. Check it out here:

Completing the three-track single is the awesome Nemesis, give it a listen here:

Moments take influence from bands like The Ghost Inside, Stick To Your Guns and While She Sleeps have always been a great inspiration for us. As they explain: “We’ve been attending hardcore shows since we were kids so playing in a band feels like coming home. We also like a lot of other music styles and this definitely influences the Moments sound from time to time. You should get the best of both worlds, right?”

And on what inspires their music, they add: “For us, every song needs a message. There are a lot of problems in this world and you’ll often find these topics in our lyrics. Global warming, poverty, inequality, corruption… the list goes on. We try to break the silence around those topics and hope people will spread the word.”

As mentioned above, we’ve met loads of great new bands coming out of Belgium recently, check out our Belgian Bands section for more. On the Belgian scene, the band told us: “We have a lot of great festivals in Belgium like Graspop Metal Meeting, Groezrock, Alcatraz, Ieperfest, Pukkelpop… Each year some Belgian bands are on the bill and it’s a perfect way to get a first impression of the big stages. However, there’s still a lot of work to do.

“The hardcore community is really underground and we live in a small country. Because of this, you won’t always receive the amount of support you deserve. One thing is sure, we have A LOT of good bands over here. We should just keep spreading our music and love!”

There’s plenty more coming our way from moments, with new music “coming sooner than you think” and hopefully gigs around the corner.

Speaking of which, the band added: “We just want to take a moment to tell you all how much we miss being on the road and interacting directly with our fans. We truly miss being on stage and the energy of a live performance. This being said, just remember we’ll be back stronger than ever!”

You can follow Moments on Facebook and Instagram, and check out their music on Spotify, Bandcamp and YouTube.

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