New Band of the Week: Lastelle

Oxfordshire band LASTELLE offer up a cacophony of post-hardcore meets post-rock goodness in their delicious fusion of ambient and atmospheric instrumentals with powerful dual vocals.

Their thrilling, hard-hitting sound is big on emotion with heavy, intense vocals played off against atmospheric guitars and pounding drums, with the drummer also providing engaging, contrasting clean vocals.

On their sound, they explain: “We’ve been described as a wall of noise in a good way a few times, and we like that! We’re heavily influenced by the post-rock genre, so we try to bring atmospherics and ambience to the post-hardcore genre.”

LASTELLE formed from the ashes of a few former bands then released debut EP Harrow last year before releasing three new singles this year. The latest of those is the excellent Distant Bodies, which came out at the start of this month.

Distant Bodies kicks off with high-pitched guitar notes that kick straight into ‘a wall of noise’ of heavy guitars and clean vocals. A little pause for breath gives way to screamed vocals that are soon joined by the clean vocals, which makes for an intriguing combination. Big hanging atmospheric guitars occasionally drop into a low-tuned stab in support of the dual vocals, creating a truly intoxicating sound.

The pace slows a little, then bursts into delicious singalong vocals over driving drums and fun darting guitars. That flows into a faster section of pounding drums and low-tuned guitars supporting screamed vocals, which are soon joined by the clean vocals and lingering atmospheric guitars creep in.

That all drops into a light drawn-out guitar backdrop with distant screams, then a huge smash of heavy guitars and screams bringing the track to a huge ending.

On Distant Bodies, the band told us: “This song is on the heavier end of the spectrum of our music, in contrast to our last single Coping Without A Cure. Distant Bodies focuses on frustration, and I think that is reflected in the vibe of the music. The subject is about not being noticed by someone you care about, and how it can take a toll on yourself.”

Check out this fantastic track in the video here:

As they mentioned, also recently released was Coping Without A Cure, which you certainly shouldn’t assume is light in comparison to Distant Bodies. It starts out with deliciously atmospheric, twinkling guitars. That drops into laid-back vocals that build up to a huge smash of big guitars and screamed vocals.

Their debut EP is packed with more of the same excellence, including a personal favourite and their debut track This Cage I Built Myself and the stunningly good The Rooms We Lived In. The EP was followed up with the release of the intense Bluebells, which kicks straight into powerful clean vocals over driving drums. Huge screams come in over the top in a huge opening to the track. It mellows out a little with light guitars and more laid-back vocals, then big screams come in and lead into a section of piercing guitars.

It drops back into another more ambient section, which builds up with engaging vocals then a delicious section of atmospheric, high-pitched guitars that continue alongside dual vocals to bring the track to a close. Check it out in the video here:

LASTELLE’s sound has been influenced by the likes of Sigur Rose, Caspian and Rinoa, alongside bands like La Dispute and Underoath – basically blending elements of post-rock and post-hardcore.

And on what influences them to write music, they explain: “There’s just something about playing music together that nothing else comes close to, and that motivates us to keep writing and playing. It’d be weird for us not to be doing something musical!

“In terms of topics, we tend to focus on talking about negative emotions, like anger, depression, heartbreak, etc, and the music acts as a release for these emotions. Sometimes music has a way of saying something that maybe you can’t say yourself, and it helps us, as it does a lot of people.”

We love what we’ve heard thus far from LASTELLE, their music is powerful yet catchy, and the fusion of ambient, atmospheric instrumentals played off against the intense screamed vocals is deliciously intoxicating.

The good news is there’s plenty more to come from them, with plenty of new music in the pipeline. And, as the band add: “We’re just hoping that we’ll be able to take the new music on the road next year, but we have no idea yet unfortunately! We’ll be out on the road as much as we can be, if we’re able to be… Only time will tell!” Fingers crossed, because this is music that absolutely deserves to be enjoyed live in its finest glory.

You can follow LASTELLE on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, and check out their music on Spotify, Apple Music and YouTube.

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