Discover This: Mnemocide

Swiss death metal band Mnemocide describe the experience of listening to their music as “being hit by a tank” due to its heavy groove and pounding intensity.

The Mnemocide sound is dominated by deliciously heavy yet groovy guitar riffs, relentless drums and powerful, gruff and guttural vocals of frontman Matthias. These come to life in the band’s fantastic debut album Feeding The Vultures, which was released in May.

From the album, they sent us In Pain, which opens up with a cool darting riff and drops into chugging guitars under gruff vocals. A stabbing riff comes in under cries of “And the guns are silent, The body count begins, Blessed are the fallen, Cursed those who survived.” That continues under a growled chorus “I am still alive but it feels so wrong, This guilt is consuming me, The wind is blowing cold and freezes my lost soul, There is no relief in pain.”

The little opening riff returns and gives way to a wall of groovy low-tuned guitars and pounding drums underneath more gruff vocal cries. They give way to a huge smash of heavy instrumentals under a quick guitar solo blitz, then the vocals return and a big groovy riff and huge bass drum under a final heavy chorus. Check it out in the video here:

Equally heavy is the excellent Crash & Burn, which opens up with chugging guitars that continue under heavy guttural vocals. That gives way to an awesome darting low-tuned riff that’s joined by crashing cymbals and huge vocal cries, then a faster riff and little flurries of bass drum and cymbal pick the pace up.

It builds into a delicious laid-back guitar solo that flies away over the heavy cymbal-led doom festering underneath it. It’s a heavy groove-led track that perfectly encapsulates the Mnemocide sound. Check it out in the lyric video here:

Taking the intensity to new levels is the superb To The Nameless, which fuses relentlessly heavy drums with dark, brooding low-tuned riffs and powerful vocals. Give it a listen here:

Not heavy enough for you? OK, how about the intense Like Ghosts? It dives straight into huge rolling bass drum under pounding riffs and huge screamed vocals, then stabbing groovy riffs take over as the unrelenting vocals and drums continue. That flows into a delicious high-pitched guitar line under crashing cymbals, then a huge drum roll and fun darting riff take over and build into a big solo. Give it a listen here:

Feeding The Vultures is a brutally brilliant introduction to Mnemocide, and we firmly recommend giving it a listen. And, while you’re doing that, we had a chat with vocalist Matthias and guitarist Chris from the band to find out more about them, their musical inspirations, Swiss metal, and more. Read on below…

GR: Who are Mnemocide? What`s the backstory, how did you get together?

Matthias: “Mnemocide are: Chris and Richy (guitars), Denge (Bass) Laurent (drums) Matthias (Vox) and last but not least the man behind the curtain Daroc (visual concepts, videos, artworks, and creator of the soundscapes between the Songs.) Mnemocide was founded in 2017. But the band members know each other from a earlier band project since many years. So we are a very strong unit from a personally and musical point of view. The name Mnemocide means killing/erasing the memory.”

GR: You just released In Pain, what’s the reception been like for it?

Chris: “I think the reception has been great. It is hard to assess properly in these strange times, but we have received only very pleased comments and reactions. Also we feel the song has been spread quite well over social medias and the internet in general. We have made a lyric video for this track which came out really fantastic! It shows a soldier observing a destroyed combat area through his binocular, while the lyrics of the song appear over his target device. At the end of the track the
attentive observer will notice a shot coming from the ruined building and the screen being shut down suddenly. Meaning the sniper has taken down our soldier. This whole concept fits perfectly into the music and content of the song.

“The track itself is like a punch in your stomach. It starts with a background riff before kicking in with tons of groove and energy. This energy is spread during the whole song and is intensified at the end
with the last part which crushes to dust whatever remains of yourself. Without wanting to be arrogant, but I think that this is one of those tracks you should not listen to while driving, as for sure you will exceed the speed limit appear by far!”

“We had this initial riff, the rythm part and a bridge, and we were sitting together at rehearsal thinking what would fit to those parts. We brought our thoughs and feelings together and the remaining parts flowed out of our guitars on that evening. I remember it, as it has been only
yesterday. Usually everyone comes up with his own ideas, but this time it was kind of a common vibe where the riffs were kind of forged from a common intent in this very special moment and feeling. And I think this unique vibe and energy we put in can somehow be sensed in this special

GR: Which bands/artists have been your strongest musical influences?

Chris: “Difficult question in the sense that we are six people and everyone has his own musical roots. Also music is part of our lifes since decades meanwhile, and we had the luck to listen to so much good music! If I may speak for myself, I grew up with the first Slayer and Sepultura albums and all the death metal stuff from the end 80s beginning of 90s like Pestilence, Cannibal Corpse, Morbid Angel, Napalm Death etc. But this is only one sixth of the band. Also I do not think that this can be heard
in the music we create, which is more to be seen as an expression of our inner selves rather than something influenced from the outside.

GR: How would you describe the Mnemocide sound to people that haven’t listened to you yet?

Matthias: “Hearing Mnemocide is like being hit by a tank. Our death metal is heavy, pounding and has a lot of groove. You can not listen to it without moving any body part. The best thing to do is headbanging as hard as you can.”

GR: What inspires you to write music?

Matthias: “We just love to play heavy music. It is an urge to do so, it’s our passion and all about creativity and long-term friendship. There is noting better you can do to spend your leisure. The main topic of the album describes how the seed of hate turns into war and destruction. It is written from a more general point of view than a personal. It is like cycle that turns on and on and on. From segregation and blind nationalism to outraged anger and pure hatred. There so many world leaders these days (like in the past) who know exactly know how to pull these triggers. And the masses are still willing to follow…. and again, blood will be spilled.”

GR: We’ve not met too many Swiss bands, what are your thoughts on the rock and metal scene in Switzerland?

Matthias: We have a bunch of famous Metal bands in Switzerland like Triptykon, Samael; Eluveitie; Poltergeist and the legendary Celtic Frost were from Switzerland too. When it comes to deathmetal there are, just to name a few, Requiem, Disparaged and Omophagia. In the Rock and heavy genre you find Gotthard and Krokus (split up in 2019) but the Metal community in Switzerland is very vivid, there a lots of bands, promoters and many headbangers around.”

GR: What have you got coming up in 2020?

Matthias: “Yeah it is a difficult situation right now. We had to cancel and to postpone a few shows. We try to play them later this year. We plan to shoot a video this year and of course we are working on new songs. So stay tuned.”

GR: Anything else you`d like people to know about Mnemocide /your music?

Matthias: “If you like death metal you will love Mnemocide. Stay healthy and confident.”

You can follow Mnemocide on Facebook and Instagram, and check out their music on Spotify, Bandcamp and YouTube.

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