Introducing: ODC

Parisian band ODC have honed a diverse rock sound that draws on modern metal, nu-metal and alternative metal influences. Led by the superb vocals of frontwoman Celia Do, the band complements them with instrumentals packed with booming riffs and powerful rhythms.

The French quintet, completed by Yannis (composer), Cyril (lyricist), Pierre-André (bass), Theo (drums) and Yann (guitars), first met five years ago and launched in 2017. And, as Celia tells us: “ODC advocates the freedom to be whoever you want to be. This topic is everywhere in our songs.”

The latest offering of what the band have to offer is their fantastic new single Orwell & I, which was how we discovered them on a Spotify new music playlist.

The track opens up with pounding drums under a darting riff, which give way to Celia’s powerful, fast-paced opening vocals “You sound like an eighties movie, In your tower I bet you’re lonely, One word, Two words, Talking for nothing, Money, Power, Feeding the disease.”

The vocals slow down a touch in a pre-chorus that feeds into a fun chorus with a funky little bassline and guitars supporting the vocals “AAAH, Orwell & I are sorry, You won’t ruin our story, OOHHH, I’ll never be your slave, I’ll never be your slave, It’s fun watching you drool, Now you’re ready.”

That flows straight into another powerful, heavier verse and another chorus. A stabbing riff jumps in under backing vocals, then almost spoken vocals “I’m OK to confess I hate you, My heart lives more than people like you, Me I love the world, I’m OK to confess I hate you” build up to a final blast of the chorus. Check it out in the video here:

On the track, Celia tells us: “Orwell & I was clearly inspired by the current situation we are living worldwide. Covid 19 has impacted our freedom to act, breathe, move and talk. In a more general way, Big Brother is watching and listening to us via social media, we get more and more controlled by States and big corporations. This song is pointing out what ORWELL denounced in his novel 1984: the persecution of independent thinking. Musically speaking, this song a mix of heavy, punk and modern metal.”

ODC released debut EP Ending The Boredom last year, from which we love the sound of opening track Houston (We Have A Situation…). It opens up with synthy sounds then a big cry of “so rock” ushers in heavy stabs of guitar and drums. Fast-pacedf vocals “Reload your inspiration Go back to yourself Strike back all the bad reactions Who cares what they say Voices from the grave” end on big high-pitched cries of “Here comes the wave, It’s in the air.”

More laid back vocals come in but explode into a big singalong chorus “Yell with me Houston, We have a situation, When I call, get up and never let down, Do you feel it? Do you want it? Can you scream it? ROCK!” A second chorus gives way to a cool Celtic sounding instrumental section, then almost rapped male vocals come in to give the track a real nu-metal feeling before a final blast of the chorus. Check it out in the video:

Also on the EP is the excellent Why, which features powerful stabbing riffs under Celia’s delicious vocals. Give it a listen here:

Celia tells us her vocals have been influenced by the likes of Freddie Mercury, Deborah Dyer (Skunk Anansie), Annie Lennox, and David Draiman (Disturbed). While only a couple of weeks ago, ODC asked their fans how they would describe their sound, and the responses they received ranged from hard rock and heavy metal to progressive metal to modern metal.

But in Celia’s words: “ODC music style is a mix of heavy and modern metal that makes it unique. We mainly write about freedom: freedom to become whoever you wanna be, freedom of thought, freedom of action, freedom to live up to one’s fantasies.”

We don’t meet too many French bands, in fact this is only the third, but ODC are another example that there are some great French metal bands out there. On the French scene, Celia says: “The French have always been paradoxical… you know it as a British person, don’t you! On the one hand we have one of the biggest metal festivals in Europe HELLFEST that is sold out in one day, and on the other hand French media (radios, TV) and labels are only promoting French pop and rap music that is preventing rock and metal artists from emerging.

“There are a lot of talented people in France who often find support and recognition abroad. I would like to thank local rock and metal webzines that are doing their best to promote our music! Thanks a lot guys!”

ODC are currently focused on recording new material and have new singles coming our way soon, so stay tuned for more! They also hope to be back on a stage near you soon, as soon as the darn virus blows over.

We love the sound of ODC, who fuse powerful riffs and rhythms with Celia’s delicious vocals. So we firmly recommend anyone that’s into rock, metal, nu-metal, progressive metal to give it a listen as we’re sure you’re going to love it too.

You can follow ODC on Facebook and Instagram, and check out their music on Spotify and YouTube.

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