New Band of the Week: Demure

Brighton band Demure are using a foundation of classic rock and building a wide range of musical influences on top of it, from funk and blues to psychedelia, reggae and even hip-hop. The result is an intoxicating fusion of delicious riffs, catchy vocals, funky instrumentals and plenty of musical diversity.

Demure was started in late 2018 by guitarist Simone along with bassist Tomos Vaughan-Streater. The pair had a few studio jams and completed the lineup with vocalist Josh Clarke and guitarist Jeremy Purllant while they take an approach of trying out different drummers.

As Simone explains: “We’ve shifted through a few drummers since then, but now we’re taking a new approach and are using different players. From the first time we jammed together, we could feel a musical connection with one another, in fact a lot of our music comes from jamming. Between the four members, we have varied musical backgrounds and influences, our goal is to merge those different styles with classic rock roots and create something new.”

The band released debut single Bedroom Sickness last month, which gives us an exciting introduction to their sound. It’s also inspired by a topic that most of us all over the world are all too familiar with currently, and people in the UK especially are on the verge of firmly rediscovering later this week.

Bedroom Sickness begins with cool stabbing guitars that build into a little riff and drop into a verse dominated by Josh’s vocals supported by noodling guitars and light drums. The fun opening riff continues as it flows into the chorus of “Hey, so much time I dunno what to do, Going round and round in my own head, Can’t tell if I’m bored or insane, Got no time to play this silly game.”

The funky guitars continue under impressive vocals in the second verse, which flows into another chorus that’s followed by vocals supported by cool stabbing guitars. That builds up to an awesome guitar solo, which drops into a final chorus led by Josh’s engaging high-pitched vocals, then it ends on a little noodling guitar lick. Check out Demure’s superb debut single in the video below:

On the track, Simone tells us: “It’s definitely our most classic rock song: big riffs, soaring vocals and plenty of glam hair. Our music video on YouTube conveys the message pretty clearly: The song represents a feeling of restlessness and anxiety, being confined in a bedroom space with nothing to do and no reason to leave that space.

“The initial inspiration came from Josh, our singer. Having spent his first year in Brighton living in a basement room, he felt isolated, with a lot of boredom and time on his hands. Most people across the world can relate to this right now. An inside joke we have is to call it the Lockdown Experience.”

And on having their first music out there for the world to hear, he adds: “It’s a great feeling for all of us. We’re very proud to see our music on different platforms and to have the support and feedback from our audience. The whole journey of the song, from its conception to its release represents a period of our lives and to see and hear it on streaming platforms will always take us back to that journey.”

The Demure sound has been shaped by a wide range of influences across the band’s members. As Simone explains: “Josh grew up idolising Bon Jovi and was heavily influenced by bands like Rival Sons and Audioslave. I used to be deeply into metal and recently got into psychedelic and lo-fi inspired tracks. Tomos was sensitised to The Beatles and Electro Swing. Jeremy, old fashioned, loves blues and 70’s rock.”

That’s inspired that the band hopes to be a little different to anything else out there. As Simone tell us: “We’re aware, there is no shortage of straight up hard blues rock, so we wanted to attempt something different. We listen to a lot of different styles and whether it’s psychedelic, funk or even hip hop, we love to bring elements of that into our songs. Notably, we have a song called Antidote, which is basically hip-hop-reggae-jazz-shred Police… Unfortunately that hasn’t been released yet, but we are planning to put it on a future EP.”

And when it comes to what inspires them to write music, Simone continues: “Sometimes, each other. When we all come into the rehearsal room magic can happen; we sort of bounce off one another very naturally. All it takes is one emotional band member to lead the way, the rest of us kindle the flames.

“Rock as a genre flows when you’re in the mood and you can always trust Josh to come up with suitable lyrics, sometimes on the spot. Our music is emotionally driven, usually related to a personal experience, scenario or key event in our lives. We all face adversity at times and articulating those hopes and struggles through our music allows us to channel to the beautiful people that support us.”

There’s plenty more to come from Demure despite the ongoing lack of live music for now, including two live video recordings in the next two months and with their second single slated to be released around February time.

You can follow Demure on Facebook and Instagram, and check out their music on Spotify, Apple Music and YouTube.

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