Introducing: Noctry

One-man band Noctry has honed an engaging but hard-hitting blend of alternative rock meets metal, which also incorporates elements of ambient, digital and electronic, and R&B.

The San Francisco-based project is the work of singer-songwriter and producer Tyler Scholz, who layers powerful guitar riffs against catchy vocals, atmospheric synths and moments of ambience.

The second Noctry track Like A Thread was released in October. It opens up with light vocals and twinkling instrumentals, which burst into a big atmospheric chorus. A second verse develops into a long heavy rock section of big guitar chords then a diving riff and searing synths under Tyler’s engaging vocals. The atmospheric instrumentals continue through to a really cool stabbing guitar riff that brings the track to a close.

On the track, Tyler told us: “As a second official release, it’s been incredible. I’ve gotten some great feedback that I’ll be taking into consideration moving forward and while writing new music.

“I wrote Like A Thread almost two years ago now, it was probably one of the first songs I had completed shortly after I moved to San Francisco. Overall, I’d say Like A Thread is a culmination of my feelings between past relationship struggles, coming to terms with some difficult life choices, and dealing with post-traumatic stress.”

Give it a listen here:

The track followed Noctry’s impressive debut single Lately, which opens up with a cool guitar riff that drops into a more laid-back verse. It suddenly bursts into a huge rocky chorus led by Tyler’s engaging vocals “It never raised my importance like I’ve been here before, There’s no pretending anymore, It’s like I’m drifting away, My memory black and grey, It’s just as dark as the day before,” supported by heavy guitars and synths, and ends on a cool little guitar riff.

A brief light verse continues into the big catchy vocals again, which develops into big cries of “And lately I’ve been wondering where is my mind, When I keep running in circles two steps behind, And lately I’ve been wondering where is my mind, When it keeps running in circles, Tell me I’m alive.”

That drops into a heavy guitar riff and eerie background synths, then it all drops out bar a distant synth noise. Distant vocals and atmospheric backing vocals kick in, then a heavy guitar riff leads into a final blast of the chorus. And it ends on a repeat of the opening guitar riff. Give this huge track a listen here:

The Noctry sound has been honed by Tyler’s musical influence being Linkin Park. As he tells us: “My most longest-standing influence would probably have to be Linkin Park, since I was 5 years old I’ve been singing along to Chester and Mike; they definitely introduced me to rock and heavier music. The Weeknd, The Plot In You, and Bring Me The Horizon are also a few other artists I jam regularly.”

And when it comes to writing music, he adds: “Writing has always been second nature kind of thing, and the most fluid way for me to kind of put words to feelings. I think self-reflection is a big theme that comes up in a lot of my writing.”

There’s plenty more to come from Noctry, including more new music in an upcoming collection of singles over the next few months. And, for you heavy music lovers out there, you’re in for a treat. As Tyler explains: “Sound-wise, Like A Thread is probably the lightest/most ambient; the next tracks will be a bit heavier. I’ve also got a few music video ideas for some of the new material, so that may be in the near future as well.”

You can follow Noctry on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, and check out his music on Spotify and YouTube.

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