Introducing: Another Now

Eindhoven band Another Now have honed a thrilling metalcore sound that’s laced with violent guitars and unrelenting rhythms, alongside tech metal influences, electronic noises and plenty of intense shredding. And they’re yet another band to add to the list of exciting new Dutch metal bands.

The quintet of Stef Rikken (lead vocals), Rik Bosmans (bass, vocals and production), Max van Esch (guitar) and Miquell (guitar and backing vocals) and Guyon Kleuters (drums) met through various Facebook groups. Miquell had been trying to start a metalcore band for years and the stars aligned when he met the rest of the lineup. They’ve since fused an intense sound that keeps you on your toes, jumping from violently heavy guitar sections into more melodic ambient moments.

As they put it: “I guess what kind of makes us unique as a band is the broad range of influences, tastes and talents we all bring to the table. We have a lead vocalist who has the chameleon vocal folds of a million metal singers in one, going from the highest screams to the deepest low guttural roars. Combine this with a singer/bass player who spends every waking hour writing electronic beats and catchy choruses, a lightning fast shred guitarist, a human drum machine, an ambient-guitar-loop-hit-song-wizard, and a thirst to conquer the world, and you might end up with AN. In the end we just try to keep it interesting.”

The band released debut double single Lotus/Echoes in the spring of 2019. Second single Shijima quickly followed, and these original tracks landed them on festival shows as well as a sold-out gig supporting Ice Nine Kills in Amsterdam.

The band continued to stamp its place on the exciting Dutch metalcore scene with triple single Distance at the start of 2020 before the release of Outflow in November. The latest track showcases the band’s huge intensity fused with delicate melodies in a typically thrilling listen.

It starts out with rapidfire drums under a high-pitched lick, which drops into laid-back vocals. That explodes into a huge smash of intense vocals and driving guitars, then booming low-tuned guitars feed into a big melodic chorus.

More huge guitars and drums take over and are joined by heavy vocals, which feed into another chorus. That flows into a delicious section of heavy metalcore instrumentals under high-pitched cries of “Come wake me up, I can’t sleep.” Check it out in the video below:

On their latest track, the band told us: “Outflow tells the story of us trying to find inspiration and happiness again, both as individuals and as a band, since 2020 and the pandemic have thrown so much shit at us since the release of our last EP Distance at the start of the year. At times we feel like we’re on top the world, and the very next moment we completely want to quit doing music all together, even though we all know deep down there’s nothing we’d rather be doing, or are even capable of doing.

“The chronicles of all the highs and lows we go through, in search of that next hit of dopamine and happiness, we translated into this story of a singular person dealing with bipolar disorder.

“Musically it’s just that kind of rollercoaster ride that you can expect from an Another Now track. It’s got the fast and complex pounding drums, relentless screamed vocals, anthemic choruses and chunky riffs, all bound together by ethereal synth pads, and at times we throw in some electronic beats or a nasty half-time mosh pit moment.”

All of the band’s tracks offer something a little bit different but the most eye-catching – or rather ear-catching, if that’s a thing – is the incredible Program. It opens with rumbling electronic noises then a huge mass of high-pitched noise and an intense opening, which drops into boomning low-tuned guitars and sweeping electronic noises. That gives way to an intense metalcore smash of heavy vocals, drums and low-tuned guitars, which feed into a chorus of clean vocals. Those end with a deliciously heavy smash of gitars and vocals, then a really cool electronic ‘dripping’ noise, which feeds into another chorus. It’s a huge track and you can check it out here:

While Shijima and Myriad offer a little Eastern fusion that kind of reminds me of the musicality of our favourite Vietnamese band Windrunner. Give Shijima a listen here:

The band’s sound is inspired by a wide range of influences, including bands like Crystal Lake, Northlane and Deftones through to diverse genres like jazz, techno, hip-hop and black metal.

As they tell us: “What influences us most is just simply the act of making music itself. We like to start with nothing but a couple of guys in a room, a guitar, a microphone and a laptop to record on, and then we just throw ideas on top of each other until we get something that triggers an emotional response.

“If we can get one of us to go ‘ooh shit! That’s fire, let me try something now!’ or just laugh hysterically, we know we’re making something special. At the moment we’re putting together our first full-length album, which lyrically revolves around the theme of mental health problems. This is a subject our main lyricist and vocalist Stef explored in college and his working life, and has a lot of passion for.”

We’ve found several exciting new Dutch metal bands over the last couple of years, so we asked the Eindhoven band for their thoughts on the scene. They said: “To be honest, it feels like the Dutch metal scene doesn’t get much attention right now compared to a decade ago. In our own style we got bands like The Royal and For I Am King doing a great job holding it down internationally for our tiny country and we’re proud of them, but at times we wish there was that one huge alternative metal band that we could all look up to for inspiration.

“You can tell though that the Dutch heavy music fans are really eager to see cool new bands come up and we’ve always been very grateful for our incredibly loyal supporters keeping us motivated. You know who you are!”

We love the diversity and heaviness of the Another Now sound and there’s much more to come from the band this year. They hope to have the debut album ready for release mid-way through 2021, which sounds like being pretty special. As the band say: “Right now, we’re working hard trying to wrap it all up as nicely as we can, really trying to bring something fresh and interesting to the table. No more screwing around for us until it’s done and we’ve got something we’re really proud of.”

You can follow Another Now on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, and check out their music on Spotify, Apple Music and YouTube.

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