Introducing: Evil Cathedral

The ongoing pandemic has resulted in many of us having more time on our hands to start new hobbies and work on new projects. That was the case for Oxfordshire-based music programmer Tez, who used the 11 weeks he had off work to launch solo hard rock project Evil Cathedral.

Tez studied music in Northamptonshire for three years, which helped him to learn how to use software and program music but, until recently, he didn’t know what to do with the music he made. But that all changed with a trip to Germany and discovering a new music website.

As Tez explains: “One night I was away in Nuremberg in Germany with my partner. We walked past this Cathedral and the fog created this Evil looking face on the clock tower. I thought Evil Cathedral would make a great band name.

“So I decided to start fresh and write music under that name. I then discovered this great music website called BandLab. You share your own tracks and collaborate with other musicians. I came in contact with a guy called Iain Wallace… Now he does all the cool guitar work for my tracks.”

Since those epiphany moments, Evil Cathedral has released three singles, which are building up to a full album. As Tez tells us: “This year I had 11 weeks off work because of the pandemic. I needed a project to keep me busy. I was inspired with the time off to write stories about difficult situations. I ended up writing and making a whole album called When All Hope Is Gone. With the helping hand from Iain Wallace. I’ve been releasing it track by track throughout the year. Just a few more to go and the whole thing is out.”

The latest single release was Against The Wall, which came out in October. It opens up with high-pitched guitars which continue as echoey vocals kick in alongside driving chords and drums. That flows into a big atmospheric chorus, which continues straight into another moody verse with driving guitars under increasingly intense vocals. Check it out in the lyric video below:

That followed previous single Pretty Little Liar, which starts out with atmospheric guitars and a tinge of eastern sounding percussion in the background. A guitar lick mimics the vocal melody through the opening verse and feeds into a heavier chorus that ends with cries of “You’re just a pretty little liar.” Check it out in the video here:

Wile dramatic debut single Damned By Daylight begins with moody synth sounds and distant vocals then a big cry of “I can’t breathe” sees big jumpy guitars join in. Chugging guitars come in and vocals build up to a more intense chorus. Check it out in the video here:

The Evil Cathedral sound has been shaped by hard rock and indiustrial metal bands from the early 2000s, with a particular nod to (we’ll say this very quietly given recent news stories) Marilyn Manson.

As Tez tells us: ““I’d definitely say it’s a mixed bag of hard rock and alternative metal. I also love using cinematic strings and creating a dark and moody atmosphere.

“I’d just love people to go and check it out and hopefully find some enjoyment in the songs. Every song is different from the next on this album. So hopefully there will be something for everyone. I love creating music and I’m looking forward to making more of it next year.”

The sound Tez has created shows you what can be done with music software, and we think it’s an impressive return on 11 weeks off work! He’s created a moody hard rock, industrial sound through BandLab that’s clean and polished, and we’re looking forward to hearing more.

The first Evil Cathedral album When All Hope Is Gone should be out sometime this year and Tez already has new concepts and song ideas in the works for the next album.

You can follow Evil Cathedral on Facebook and Instagram, and check out their music on Spotify, BandLab, Soundcloud and YouTube.

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