Introducing: After Silence

After more than four years of running GigRadar, we’ve finally found our first Mexican metal band in Mexico City-based metalcore quartet After Silence. And it’s been well worth the wait as, probably a little bit offensively, the band reveal that “people are shocked when they realise that we are Mexican.”

The band is formed of Raul Garcciani (vocals), Jimmy Almonte (guitar), Hugo Cantú (bass) and Alis Emerson (drums) and, unusually, first started out at a press conference of their former bands. They’ve since honed a delicious metal sound that fuses sections of heavy vocals, djenty guitars and pounding rhythms with surprisingly melodic clean sections. It’s a sound they describe as “Modern Metalcore. Post-Core. Everything that ends with Core!”

On the band’s formation, they explain: “Jimmy and Raul met spontaneously at a press conference Jimmy had with one of his past bands. They were introduced and from there they started talking. Their passion for Metalcore music brought them together, so they decided to form a badass band that could position them globally. After that, they decided to join forces with their closest most talented friends they had, that’s when Hugo became part of the band and Alis later joined.

Our latest taste of what the band have to offer is A New Horizon, which was released at the end of last year. The track opens with light guitars that are swiftly replaced by a huge wall of guitars, drums and chunky bass alongside huge guttural cries of “Yeah, Miracles break the suffer, Now.”

A little cough noise and spoken vocals “Let me try this” usher in an equally intense verse of “Blessings, for the ones that try to spit in my face, ‘Cause one day I’mm gonna be your suppressor” supported by huge instrumentals. A little “Blegh” noise drops into pounding drums under stabs of guitar and bass, then a really cool bouncing bass line and unrelentingly heavy drums kick in for another verse.

Out of nowhere, light guitars and clean vocals “There’s no way that I’m returning back, Again,” followed by a quick heavy verse, which feeds into a brief melodic chorus. That feeds straight into another section of savagely guttural vocals “Mercy, I’m the mercenary who cuts their heads, There’s no way to return back, ‘Cause we are the Renegades,” which flows straight into a longer version of the clean chorus. And the track closes with a brief smash of heavy vocals, guitars and drums.

On the new track the band told us: “People really dig our new music sound; it sounds heavy, rhythmically complicated and the chorus sounds very catchy! We wanted to create the right balance for our audience. So far a lot of people are shocked when they realize that we are Mexicans! They just say: ‘Wow guys, you really sound like an International band!’ So, it’s time for us to rule the metal world!

“You can expect heavy guitar riffs, very complicated drum patterns, a solid bass that keeps all the elements on the ground and a monstrous guttural voice that also combines a beautiful clean voice throughout the song. For this song we also recorded a music video that is just so full of energy and power. You gotta check it out!”

You can do just that by checking out the video here:

That track follows After Silence’s debut EP The Awakening, which was released in 2019. From that EP, we love the sound of Forever Goodbye, which opens up with powerful double bass drum under blitz guitars that are joined by big high-pitched vocals.

Raul’s intense guttural vocals take over for a heavy verse supported by stabbing djenty guitars. That drops into light guitars and vocals “I know everything was a dream, Where I feel that you walk with me, And then I wake up and you not here with me.” That feeds into a melodic chorus that builds into something huge, with big atmospheric guitars and pounding drums under engaging vocals.

Blitz guitars kick in through a brief verse, which feed into another massive chorus. The track ends with light spoken vocals, then a big cry of “You never exist” and a laid-back meandering guitar solo, gradually increasing in pace to bring it to a close. Check it out in the video here:

The After Silence sound has been heavily influenced by metal and metalcore greats like Architects, As I Lay Dying, Lamb of God, Fit for a King, August Burns Red, Crystal Lake, Polaris and I Prevail.

And on what inspires their music, they tell us: “In our lyrics we love to talk about our personal experiences in life. We like to motivate people by trying to share our own emotions. For the new songs we tried to create different scenarios and stories that could make people visualize it on their own terms.”

There’s plenty more to come from the band too. Their album Origins: The Root Of All will be out this summer, ahead of which they’ll be releasing the second single from the album Lost In Faith on 19 February and two additional singles and a music video they describe as “intense, gory and heavy.”

Furthermore, they’re also going to be releasing a documentary about After Silence which, in their words, follows: “The journey and accomplishments of all the members and the story about all the amazing people who have been part of this epic band!” And they’re going to be playing their first US festival at Metal in the Mountains, in West Virginia, in August, with hopes of playing South America and Europe in the future.

If this is the sound of Mexican metalcore then we are well and truly on board with it. Personally, I just wish I’d found them when I lived in Mexico City just over a year ago! This is definitely a band that has an exciting future and could well put Mexico on the metal map.

As the band add: “We want to resonate with all of you guys. We really want to share an amazing time together to see you all at huge festivals singing and head-banging together at our breakdowns. We hope you really dig our style. Keep it badass, make it heavy and you will be amazed about the sound that we are trying to transmit, it will blow your brains out! Desde México, After Silence loves you, amigos!”

You can follow After Silence on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, and check out their music on Spotify, Bandcamp, Apple Music, Deezer and YouTube.

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