Introducing: Dark Bloom

Leicester trio Dark Bloom offer up a groovy, riffy rock sound that, in their words, “makes you want to dance, cry and leave little to the imagination.”

The band’s foundations came from Sulley (vocals and bass) and Robbie Birnie (guitar) being the only to guitarists to attend a music event at their school over 10 years ago. They’ve been friends and played music together ever since, before Sulley met drummer Ethan Syre when they both joined a previous musical venture in 2017. The trio joined forces in late 2018, released debut single From The Storm then Sucker in 2019 before releasing two further singles last year.

Fast-forward to this week and the trio have a brand new single Daydream out on Thursday (18 February. On the new track, Sulley told us: “We’re unbelievably excited for everyone to hear Daydream! This single really takes us in a new direction from the songs that we’ve released before and we can’t wait to see what people think to it.

“We have always joked that we only write sad songs, but this will be the first time that we will truly show that sincerity and poignancy we have talked about. Daydream is about the loss of a loved one and the overwhelming grief that can follow it. The time we spend with our loved ones and our friends is so precious, and we think that the Covid-19 pandemic has reminded us all of that and how we have taken that time for granted.”

We had a sneak preview of Daydream and the more melancholic nature of the track is obvious from the start, with light vocals and guitars opening up and flowing into a big powerful chorus. A second verse flows into more intense vocals that build into another chorus supported by a distant laid-back guitar lick, which takes over then gives way to a final chorus.

Sulley added: “Despite the melancholic nature of this song, we would like to use this song to celebrate the time that we do get to have with people and to promote mental health awareness. We are strong supporters of charities like Samaritans and Head Above the Waves and we want to remind everyone with Daydream that no matter what you are going through, you do not have to go through it alone. 

“This song has a huge, honest chorus and we’re thrilled to see people’s reactions to it and our experimentation with this different style and our use of pianos and organs.”

You can expect the rest of Dark Bloom’s music to be a little heavier, such as the delicious bouncy riffs and engaging vocals that dominate their most recent single Bad News.

While debut single From The Storm features a funky little effects-ridden guitar twist that intersects the chorus vocals. Sucker combines Sulley’s engaging vocals with low-tuned doomy guitars then stabbing guitar notes and staccatoed vocals lead into a big catchy chorus.

And last year’s single Connect The Dots has a really fun chorus supported by bouncy guitars and a piercing synthy sound, which combine in a big post-chorus rock out mid-way through and in a big heavy outro. Give it a listen here:

The Dark Bloom has been formed of strong but varying musical influences. Sulley is big into indie rock, like Foals and Don Broco, while Robbie is a huge heavy metal fan who enjoys the likes of Trivium and Avatar. Ethan offers a more eclectic spectrum, from metalcore bands like Oceans Ate Alaska through to hip-hop like Kendrick Lamar. But, as Sulley explains: “Our main influence is our shared love for rock and metal music and our broad range of influences are crucial to our songwriting and how we look to explore new things and expand our sonic palette.”

And when it comes to songwriting, Sulley adds: “Music plays a huge part in our lives and the fact that we have the ability to express ourselves through music is one our biggest influences to write and perform music. Our songs usually express themes and topics that we have experienced, but we try to embellish those to make them more ambiguous and open ended for the listeners.

“The Netflix series Dark recited Arthur Schopenhauer’s quote: ‘A man can do as he wills, but not will as he wills.’ Lyrically, our songs revolve around the concepts of love and desire and how we are all compelled to pursue them. Songs such as Sucker and Bad News embellish this idea through their focus on the passionate and sultry behaviour we may often find in love and desire. Including Daydream, all of the songs that we have currently released loosely relate to a story of desire and how they transpire through phases from: awareness (From the Storm), disenchantment (Sucker), anger and retaliation (Connect the Dots), acceptance and indulgence (Bad News) and ultimately loss and saudade (Daydream).”

In addition to Daydream, which is out this Thursday (18 February), the band to have a couple more songs released by the end of 2021. And, fingers crossed, they’re looking forward to being able to get together to write new music soon as well.

You can follow Dark Bloom on Facebook and Instagram, pre-save Daydream here, and check out their music on Spotify, Apple Music and YouTube.

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