Introducing: Crown The King

Irish quintet Crown The King were raised on early 2000s pop-punk, and bring all the energy of that classic time period into their own brand of engaging punk rock sound. That particular brand of pop-punk is one with an Irish twist that they feel makes them “stand out from the crowd” and makes them the first Irish punk band we’ve covered!

The Dublin-based quintet began when vocalist Daniel ‘Butch’ Gannon and guitarist Seán Hodson met in 2017 and began working on a few songs together. They set about trying to find the right people to build out a band, which fell into place with guitarist Alan Shiels and drummer Jamie Doran, who’d both played music with Seán before. And they completed the lineup with bassist Eanna Brown, who knew both Butch and Seán from the local wrestling scene.

As Seán tells us: “I feel like when we all eventually got together in the same room it just clicked, from that point on everything started to ramp up really quickly.”

The band has since honed a lively pop-punk sound that Eanna describes as “earworms for days,” of which our latest taster is new single Fence, which features the vocals of Chester singer Lizzy Farrall.

On the track, Butch tells us to expect: “A story told through the medium of pop punk, with really strong riffs and hooks. Fence was one of the first songs that I wrote when I started jamming with Sean back when we first started out. It was always a favourite of mine, but it always felt like it needed something more. When it came to recording the song we reached out to Lizzy and she was really the missing piece to this musical jigsaw. A pleasure to work with and one of the top artists out at the moment.”

Fence opens up with a fun riff and lively drums that drop into a gradually building opening verse led by engaging vocals “Everyone’s hell seem much better than mine, Waiting for you ended up wasting my time, She said ‘We gotta keep this platonic,’ What do you mean? Did you actually wanna pick him over me?”

A little pre-chorus “What was December, Can you remember?” feeds into a catchy chorus: “For two months you kept me in suspense, While he jumped over, I was caught on the fence, You liked the idea, you said to your friend, That remarks made invalid, How’d you think this would end now.” The opening riff jumps back in and drops into a second verse, in which Lizzy’s response vocals creep in.

A second chorus is followed by a response verse from Lizzy “December was a mess, Take a trip down memory lane, You were caught on the fence , The choice was yours but I’ll take the blame, Asked you to let me sleep on it, I said we’ll see, You never moved, made up my mind, It wasn’t meant to be.” That feeds into two final choruses supplemented by Lizzy’s backing vocals, which brings the track to a big ending.

On the track, Jamie adds: “All of the various components of the track have the potential to get stuck in your head but Lizzy was integral to getting a rounded image on the track. We knew we didn’t just want the unrequited love story to just be one perspective. We knew we wanted a counter melody with a strong presence and Lizzy was a no brainer addition for us.” Check it out in the video below, and we promise this’ll be stuck in your head for hours:

Fence epitomises the Crown The King sound, which Jamie describes as: “Honest lyrics, music you can move to, and a familiar home for fans of the genre. We were all raised on early 00’s pop punk, it’s in our veins and everything in the last decade was just the genre evolving and maturing. We’ve pulled influence from our favourites and you can really hear it.”

Their sound is led by Butch’s engaging, relatable lyrics and vocals, which are supported by driving guitars and drums that give it a really catchy feel. Case in point being previous single Honey, which opens up with lively instrumentals and a sneaky synth sound that feed into catchy vocals open up “Honey rolls up a cigarette, Helps her cope with all my bullshit.” It builds up to a catchy, bouncy chorus “Honey’s on the move, Thinking of an alibi, She likes to pick and choose who she goes for, She’ll never ever know how much she meant to me, As I throw her shit out the door.”

A second vocal features a cool darting guitar, which feeds into palm-muted chords before bursting into another singalong chorus. Check it out in the video here:

Those two tracks followed the also excellent debut single Gone Too Fast, which you can check out in the lyric video here:

As mentioned, the band grew up on the good old days of 2000s pop-punk, so expect influences like Blink-182, The Story So Far, The Used, Paramore, All Time Low, The Wonder Years, Sum 41, Green Day and many more – including a mention for one of our former featured bands Stand Atlantic.

And, when it comes to writing music, Jamie tells us: “I find the biggest push for writing for me is as an emotional release, a creative outlet for any pressures or thoughts nagging at your mind. I feel like mental health, relationships both friends and romance, and sometimes just situations are common themes.”

Butch adds: “For me it’s about telling a good story, something that connects with the listener on an emotional level. I think it’s also important that the songs show our personality too and hopefully that’s something that people can relate to.”

And Seán says: “When I write it’s primarily the music, I feel like when I write a song it needs to be able to hold its own no matter how it’s presented, be it acoustic, full band or otherwise. A good song needs a solid foundation so I like to make sure I’m giving whoever writes the top line a good place to work from.”

Crown The King’s main goal for 2021 – beyond wanting a vaccine – is to get an EP recorded and released and, as a band that started during lockdown, to finally play a gig together. As Seán explains: “With everything going on what should have been a pretty straightforward process has been slightly complicated. But we’re eager to get back into the studio and get this new set of songs out there.”

They’ll also have new merch coming soon, on which Alan promises us: “This is very nice merch and I would wear it myself if it wasn’t my own band and in fact I might just wear it anyway.”

While Eanna adds: “We’ve been blown away by everyone’s support on our releases so far and by everyone’s kind words, regardless of whether they’ve been with us since day one or just found us on their Discover Weekly. We can’t wait to show you all what’s next!”

You can follow Crown The King on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, and check out their music on Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer and YouTube.

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