New Band of the Week: TYRANTS

Blending the elements of hardcore and deathcore is only going to result in a pretty damn heavy concoction, and that’s exactly the case with Swindon band TYRANTS who offer up what they describe as “stupidly heavy slams.”

The quartet of Josh (lead vocals), Kane (guitars and backing vocals), Toby (bass) and Ben (drums) first got together last year through Josh’s music company. As he explains: “I host shows in Swindon with my company Bandit Music. We’d all come across each other at some point as a result of this, having either attended shows together or played in previous projects under the Bandit banner. It’s something that we’d all discussed one day doing together, so the fit was an incredibly natural one.”

But, for obvious reasons, their timelines got delayed. As Josh tells us: “To be honest, releasing during a pandemic has not been without hurdles to climb. Realistically without Covid, we as a band would be much further along the line with releases, we had plans to tour, the works. However, lockdown(s) have really allowed us to properly hone our craft so to speak, and to become that much closer as friends. 

“We’re incredibly proud to say that during lockdown we signed our first official endorsement as a band with Schemes & Daydreams (a clothing company) as well as appearing live on BBC Radio. We’ve also set ourselves to new targets, such as growing our online profile for when gigs finally do return. It’s especially important now more than ever as a band to stay relevant whilst we can’t play, so it’s all about the daily grind and getting our name out as far as possible.”

TYRANTS released debut single FEAR in November, and it’s a huge introduction to the band. It opens up with fast low-tuned guitars answered by high-pitched harmonics. Josh’s intense vocals come in with a massive cry of “Fear, Erase my thoughts, Before I end it up dead” as the stabbing guitars continue, then increase in intensity alongside seriously heavy vocals.

A cool low-tuned darting riff comes in over more heavy guitars and drums before diving into a huge chorus “I twist and turn, My fear shifts itself from the earth, With your tyranny in mind, I need you to make me fear.” That drops into booming guitars under a sinister sweeping lick, which give way to a brief instrumental section then an even bigger chorus, with Josh’s vocals supported by even heavier backing vocals and driven forward by huge drums.

The sinister sweeping guitar returns alongside booming guitars and drums, alongside huge screamed vocals that bring the track to a fittingly heavy ending. Check it out in the fear-inducing video here:

On the track, Josh says: “We released FEAR on 27 November via Beheading The Traitor on YouTube and all major streaming platforms. The reception we’ve had so far has been nothing short of completely and utterly mind-blowing. It’s remarkable that so many people have truly enjoyed FEAR. We’re now at over 30,000 listens on Spotify, and combined views on YouTube (video & reaction videos) take us to over 10,000 views. It’s humbling.

“For those that haven’t listened yet, expect something different. TYRANTS aim to blend the realms of Hardcore & Death (core) to create a sound that is truly unique to us, and we’d like to think that FEAR is a true representation of that. A friend once described FEAR as ‘a song you’d probably spinkick your nan’s dog to.’ I don’t know if that’s a good thing or not, but what I will say is please, don’t spinkick your pets!”

TYRANTS are influenced by bands like Knocked Loose, Thy Art Is Murder, The Chariot, and Black Tongue and, more personal to Josh, the likes of Frank Carter And The Rattlesnakes, Iron Maiden and even The Beatles. 

And on what inspires them to write music, Josh tells us: “To put it simply, life. We each live and breathe for this band, for music, for the community that comes with it. TYRANTS is a natural progression and coming together to showcase our passion. Lyrically, we focus on issues that feature in day to day life. FEAR focuses on mental health struggles, and having the personal strength to face up to those “fears”. With that said, we’re not afraid to touch on any subject matter, but only if it resonates with each of us – we’re not here to write catchy lyrics for the sake of a cool chorus.”

There’s plenty more to come from TYRANTS, with their second single in the writing process before they move on to producing their debut EP. You’ll also be able to see their debut show in Wolverhampton on 2 September alongside Gassed Up, Monasteries, Freehowling and Loose Ends, with more gig dates to be announced shortly.

As Josh adds: “It’s suffice to say that here at TYRANTS, lockdown or not – we never stop moving forward. FEAR is just the start. Everything Changes.”

You can follow TYRANTS on Facebook and Instagram, and check out their music on Spotify and Deezer.

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