Introducing: Mvsic2Mvrder2

Obviously, we don’t condone people killing people but, if there was such a thing as the sound of killing, then maybe this could be it. Brilliantly named solo project mvsic2mvrder2 takes two of the heaviest, most extreme musical sounds, fuses them together and offers them up as an ominous, intense ritual pounding.

Created by an anonymous composer behind a shiny black mask, this intriguing musical project fuses metal and hardcore techno, also known as gabber, with occult and industrial influences. Essentially, if you’ve ever dreamt of an eclectic Slayer meets Scooter collaboration, then this is absolutely for you.

As they put it to us: “Take two of the most extreme genres in the musical realm: metal and gabber. Put them in a blender, add a dash of the occult and voila: the perfect genre-bending cocktail! Drink up and have a good time. I would think the occasional extreme gabber/industrial parts in the songs are what it sounds like in a murderer’s head when he/she loses all control and starts slashing away though. Not that I encourage such behaviour. Be like me, make songs about the ‘persons’ you dislike.

“I originate from both Belgium and Bulgaria. East meets West, so to speak. Worst of both worlds. I have been quite active in the underground metal and synthwave scene for a long time and decided it was time to do something fresh. Both scenes have their numerous stereotypes and mvsic2mvrder2 aims to break free of that.”

Our first taste of this was recent release BLöD, which opens up with spoken vocals “And then the rain turns to blood” then stabbing guitar riffs and repeats of “When the rain turns to blood.” A stabbing synth sound and cool bending electronic noise give way to an almighty blast beat groove and random screams, then a cool little synth line.

It goes a bit trippy with stabbing synth noises then an almost industrial sounding chorus, then piercing synth noises and booming guitars bring it to a close. As they tell us: “The track is a great way to lose your m2m2 virginity and jump right into my world. It has big groove, a berserker bridge and a deviant breakdown. I just wanted to write a track about peace, love and understanding.” Check it out in the video below:

As they suggest, BLöD is probably one of the less intense, most approachable mvsic2mvrder2 track. We’re big fans of previous track Skvllkrvsher which, as the name suggests, goes a little harder. It dives into big stabbing sounds under a pounding synth, which is joined by a haunting high-pitched synth sound. Big doomy guitars kick in, before it goes really dark with brooding synth sounds and echoey growled vocals.

While the equally excellently titled Mvrdermovth offers similar levels of intensity in a pretty terrifying opening of blastbeat drums and big synth sounds. Stabbing synths and funky rhythms build up to a big hardcore techno section. It descends into darkness with ominous, piercing synthy string sounds over intense beats then booming guitar chords. That drops into a huge techno ending with stabbing high-pitched synth then an intense blast of beats to bring the track to an end. While debut single Deximation goes in hard from the off with a mass of pounding beats and distant synths.

But more recently, on Monday in fact, a brand new EP was released, which features BLöD as the closing track and the awesome FällSilent, which features a really cool riff alongside dark synths. It also includes the really dark Coffinwhispers, which opens up with stabbing guitar sounds then an intense drumbeat and twisting high-pitched synth sounds with repeats of “Listen to your heart.” A building synth sound drops into a really cool gothic synth sound that builds up and explodes into a mass of heavy beats and pounding guitars and synths.

This intense sound is influenced by all things dark and heavy. As they tell us: “For m2m2, mostly The Satan and my love for heavy riffs in general. When I first started doing this a couple of years ago, before I released my first tracks, musically it was just screeching black metal guitars rammed over hardcore gabber beats. Which to me sounded amazing!

“Then I started picking up my eight-string guitar more and the heavier riffs gave a nice counter balance to the extreme techno parts. The sound is still constantly evolving, my new stuff sounds much heavier than the BlakGod EP. The only ‘rule’ I set up for myself when writing m2m2 stuff  is: it has to consist of hardcore kicks and heavy guitar licks. And, you know, if it rhymes it’s the truth.”

And on what inspires them to write music, they tell us: “Topics are mostly personal: Insomnia, frustration, bitterness. Some are about what I pick up around me, drug abuse, loneliness… mostly positive stuff as you can see. Since the lockdown, I’ve become a bit of a true crime fan, there’s lots of great documentaries about serial killers, cults, drugs and such online. Writing about it is a great way to keep your head clean. My lyrics are mostly simple and to the point, thus I try to translate the feelings into the riffs or a crazy electro part.”

Fresh from releasing their debut EP, mvsic2mvrder2 are already deep into producing their first full-length album. They’re also considering live shows, which would probably require some assistance. As they tell us: “I still need to figure out how I’m going to do this on stage. Would love to have an exclusive band for shows. Maybe a drummer and a bass player. Can’t wait to try out this ear blistering stuff out on ‘ridiculous volume.'”

The fusion of metal and hardcore techno may not be for everyone, especially die-hard fans of either genre. But we’re intrigued by the crossover of the two distinct styles, and there’s no denying mvsic2mvrder2 is an extremely powerful listen. As they add: “Surrender to it, stream it, listen to it, dance to it, headbang to it, buy it and make me filthy rich.”

You can follow mvsic2mvrder2 on Facebook and Instagram, and check out their music on Spotify, Bandcamp, Soundcloud and YouTube.

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