Introducing: Sinoptik

There aren’t too many bands that can claim to have been crowned “the world’s best new band” but that’s the case for Sinoptik, who can now also add the honour of being the first Ukrainian band to feature on GigRadar.

The power rock trio hail from Donetsk, in eastern Ukraine, but moved to Kiev in 2015 as a result of hostilities breaking out in the Donbass region of the country, which borders Russia. Sinoptik won the honour of Best New Band in the World at the Global Battle of the Bands in Berlin in May 2016. A month later, they became the first and only independent Ukrainian band to play at the Olympic Stadium in Kiev, playing in front of at least 80,000 people. Check that out here.

The band have honed a powerful rock sound that fuses elements of progressive, stoner and psychedelic rock. They describe it to us as: “Life-changing and inspiring. Rough fuzzy sound which wraps you with melodic vocals and gentle synthesizer.”

Our latest taste of this is new single Apple Tree, which was released at the start of the month. It opens up with stabs of guitar over a twinkling synth sound, which continues under engaging opening vocals. Heavier guitars kick in as the vocals intensify, then drops back into the twinkling synth and another laid-back verse. It suddenly delves into funky little psychedelic section, then a really cool organ solo and driving, building drums that burst into a big final chorus. It’s pretty impressive stuff!

On the track, they tell us: “We believe that each person has his own inner Tree, which he either cares for or allows it to dry out. Every day we are bombarded with too much information from various media, we get lost in it and our life crumbles into sand. Every day we have to make choices and we must make them consciously. Changes begin with each of us.” Check it out here:

Speaking of impressive brings us to the superb From Nothing To Forever, from their 2019 EP of the same name. Light guitars open up and develop into a heavier intro, then feed into an engaging, atmospheric opening verse supported by a distant synth sound and backing vocals. The heavy guitars return in a powerful chorus, which ends with everything suddenly dropping out then a big smash of guitar noise that feeds into another atmospheric verse. A second chorus drops into a fun riff, which continues underneath piercing guitar notes that develop into a cool solo.

Also on that EP is Angeless Woman, which sounds like it could have stepped right out of the 1970s or 80s with its psychy vibes, cool organ sounds, funky synth solo and catchy choruses.

The Sinoptik sound is influenced by a wide range of bands through the 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s, including Pink Floyd, Metallica and Iron Maiden to Tame Impala, Muse and Queens of the Stone Age.

And on what inspires their music, they tell us: “Our main topics are usually the most complicated ones: inequality, war conflicts, injustice, oppression. And inspiration we can find in all sorts of things, humans or feelings.

“Our music always has important messages, we are very serious about it in many ways. That is why we often do charity projects, and talk about things, which need to be changed in our society: refugees, orphans, military conflicts, social inequality.”

As mentioned, Sinoptik are the first full band we’ve featured from Ukraine, so we asked them for their thoughts on the country’s music scene. They told us: “We have many bands in (the rock and metal) genre, but the music business in Ukraine is generally underdeveloped. So the majority of rock/metal bands are simply underground. But we are also proud that our country brought to the world some great bands as Jinjer and Stoned Jesus.”

And, on playing at their country’s national stadium, they add: “That happened unexpected for us, as before the GBOB in Berlin we were not so famous in Ukraine. But after our victory there, the next day we woke up and all Ukrainian news channels were talking about us. Playing at the stadium was an exciting but very natural thing for us, as if we always did that before.”

It’s easy to see why the band has enjoyed so much success in its home country and in Europe, with its thrilling but diverse rock sound. They’ll have two more singles coming soon, ahead of an album release, with the hope of playing gigs around the world shortly too.

You can follow Sinoptik on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, and check out their music on Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, Tidal and YouTube.

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