Introducing: FooN

Danish hard rockers FooN are on a mission to play their part in the future of the rock scene as they showcase a new, more defined sound they describe as “explosive, energetic and ebullient.” 

The one constant in FooN has been guitarist Mathias Schwartzbach Pedersen, who’s been joined by Olivia Vestergaard (vocals), Allan Bay Larsen (bass) and Nicolai Andersen (drums). The band tell us the newer members “all had their first shows with FooN as stand-ins when former members weren’t available or had left the band, and then they just sort of stuck around.”

FooN released debut EP Tidals & Embers in 2018 but released new single The Compass at the end of last month, which they tell us represents them: “Gearing up to showcase a new and more defined sound that’s modern and with very high ceilings that makes it hard to stand still.”

And if The Compass is anything to go by, that new sound is something to get very excited about. It opens up with lone drums that are joined by a big chunky guitar riff. Olivia’s light vocals take over alongside a stabbing bassline, with a building riff joining in as it builds into a big singalong chorus of “Don’t need any options, Don’t need any hope, But a monochrome road, Show me a path, And please guide me home, I don’t need any options, I would trade my choices, For a monochrome road, Show me a path and please, Take me home.”

That gives way to a chunky bassline, a repeating guitar note and heavy bass drum through a second verse flowing into another huge chorus. The second chorus flows into repeats of the chorus vocals over booming guitar chords before a huge scream of “Please take me home.” That gives way to a cool effects-ridden guitar lick and a couple of fun mini-drum rolls, which take us into a big atmospheric outro of layered vocals, heavy guitars and rolling drums.

On the new track, they told us: “The metaphor of an actual compass started the process. If you’re lost in the woods, a compass can guide you in hundreds of directions, but if you don’t know which one is right, you’re not gonna get home. We applied the metaphor to write a song about the choices we face and how trying to make the right one can be a pain even before you make it. We could all use a monochrome road from time to time.” Give this huge track a listen below:

Their debut EP is also well worth a listen, opening up with the anxiety-inducing creeping intro to Watercolours, which develops into an intriguing, atmospheric, winding tale. It also contains the laid-back Mirrors, the near-seven-minute dark, edgy Unearthly Child, which features a really cool twisting guitar solo, and more intense closing track Long Live The King.

The band have a growing reputation in their homeland, which culminated in them headlining a sold out Vesterbro Rock Fest in Copenhagen three days before lockdown hit the country. They also toured the UK in 2019, along with our pals in SEASONS, who were one of the first bands we ever featured on GigRadar.

On that they told us: “The UK tour is definitely the best touring experience we’ve had so far. Usually Murphy’s Law applies when you’re on tour, and everything will go wrong, twice. But everything worked out better than expected. We arrived everywhere on time, played in front of more new fans than we could’ve hoped and didn’t get mugged. But the best part was the people: We met so many amazing people, bands and new friends on the road, who we are still in touch with today and long to meet again. As soon as it is safe we will be on our way to the UK for a bigger and longer tour. 

“We really like the Seasons guys too. We played with them at Hope and Anchor in London, and had a blast! They pulled through even though their drummer was missing – so Grant was singing and playing drums at the same time. We also got to hang out with them last year when we were both playing Vesterbro Rock Fest in Copenhagen, where Olivia had some of them sleep on her floor. They got themselves a ton of new fans – and they got to show off their karaoke skills later that night. As soon as we possibly can we will be back in the UK, and hopefully Seasons are up for joining forces again.”

The band members share a love for bands you’d likely expect, such as Biffy Clyro, Bring Me The Horizon and Normandie, and less expected artists like… Harry Styles, which is a first on this blog!

It’s been a little while since we covered any new Danish bands, so we asked FooN for their thoughts on their local scene. “It is going well for Danish rock/metal at the moment, and the home support is great,” they told us. “The genres are not at all mainstream, but the scene is loyal and there are lots of festivals, events and platforms to get everyone together. Mathias books two festivals for new rock/metal/alt bands to showcase themselves.

“For many of the bigger bands, Denmark is too small and they seek recognition and opportunities abroad. It is always awesome to see fellow Danes getting the hype going around Europe or even the USA. Bands like Cabal, Baest, and Volbeat are doing really well outside Denmark. As with the rock/metal scene everywhere, a lot of fans and musicians still complain that there is not enough ‘real’ rock like in the old days. Fortunately, Denmark has a lot of interesting and innovative bands who are moving the genres forward instead of being conservative – because honestly, the scene doesn’t work like it did in the 90’s anymore. Take Møl, Joyce, and H.E.R.O just to name a few. It is usually well received both in and outside Denmark. We aim to be part of the new generation – we stay positive about the future of rock.”

The pandemic robbed FooN of the chance to shoot a video for The Compass, so they’ll be doing that as soon as it’s safe to do so. They’re also reappearing at this year’s Vesterbro Rock Fest in Copenhagen in September, where they have a 30 minute set to plan for.

You can follow FooN on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, and check out their music on Spotify and Bandcamp.

Listen to FooN and more great new rock on our GigRadar Rock Spotify playlist

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