Introducing: Future Lows

We promised you more bands from the Emerald Isle and, almost immediately, here’s another in brand new rock duo Future Lows. The band describe their engaging, anthemic sound as a “step forwards” for Irish rock music due to its modern approach.

The duo of Mikey and James have been friends since they were 13 and were previously in a very different type of band before seeing the light and refocusing on a heavier rock sound. Their sound takes influence from older post-hardcore and emo type bands, as well as the production qualities of modern rock and metal bands.

As Mikey tells us: “We were in a band before this but we found ourselves going down a direction we didn’t really enjoy, chasing a radio pop sound that’s very popular in Ireland but not ultimately what we enjoy creating. We took a bit of time from that band and I just started writing the type of music we consume and Future Lows started from there. Broken, our first song, was the first demo I wrote and sent to James.”

Indeed, their debut track Broken was released at the start of last month and it’s an absolute banger. It opens up with light synth sounds that drop into a big diving riff and lively drums in a delicious rocky opening. Light vocals take over, which intensify as stabbing guitar chords kick in and feeds into a huge singalong chorus “I try to scream but I’m choking, Try to run but I’m broken, Can you fix me now or is this hell I’ve found? I try to scream but I’m choking, Try to run but I’m broken, Can you fix me now? I’m broken,” which, trust us, you’ll be singing along to for days.

The opening riff returns, feeds into a light verse supported by chunky bass, all the instruments drop out and it bursts into another big chorus. That gives way to chugging palm-muted guitars, a pounding drumbeat over light vocals, then a big jumpy guitar riff and lively drums. It drops into light vocals, which setup a final blast of the chorus and a big smash of heavy guitars to bring an impressive first single to an end.

On the debut track, Mikey says: “The reception has been absolutely wild. We never expected the reaction it’s gotten. The song, lyrically, is an honest look at how James felt trapped and lost during a difficult time. Musically, I wrote riffs and big choruses exactly how I would like to hear them taking influence from loads of bands.” Check it out in the video here:

The Future Lows sound has been shaped by bands like Funeral For A Friend and Story of the Year, as well as the likes of Good Charlotte, The Used and Underoath. And those influences shine through in their catchy, anthemic approach as well as the heavy guitars and driving riffs.

On their music writing approach, Mikey says: “I think what I love about James and his lyric writing is his ability to convey emotions he may have felt at a certain time that otherwise he might not know how to verbalise. I’ve seen loads of people really relate to the lyrics in Broken and I think it’s because people can really connect with what he is saying.”

There’s plenty more to come from Future Lows, who already have a load of music recorded and ready to go. As Mikey says: “We are super excited about our next few releases, I think with each new song we will cement our name as a band people can take seriously in the scene. Definitely when gigs can return we will be playing as many as we can, maybe starting with a headliner in Dublin.

“We just love how people have connected to our music already with just one song. We aren’t slowing down at all, we have lots to come. Thanks to you guys too for helping emerging bands get their name out there, it’s greatly appreciated.”

You can follow Future Lows on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, and check out their music on Spotify, Apple Music and YouTube.

Listen to Future Lows and more great new rock on GigRadar Rock Spotify Playlist

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