New Band of the Week: Artemis

As the daughter of Zeus, Artemis was one of the most venerated Ancient Greek deities who signified, among many things, love, strength and the protection of girls and women. And we think you’re going to love the strong, adrenaline pumping vibes of Southampton’s “ballsy bubblegum punk rockers” Artemis.

The quartet was the brainchild of drummer Fenella Saunders while studying at Solent University. As the band tell us: “The idea of Artemis was originally Fenella’s idea, she wanted to create a band of all female gender as our University has never had anything like that before.”

To do so, she looked no further than fellow classmates who performed at a gig assessment event on her music performance university course. She discovered lead vocalist Yianna Schultze, found guitarist and backing vocalist Frankie Linton downing a pint before entering the stage, and bassist Hannah Abecassis, who also had an amazing performance that night.

The quartet soon set about honing a big rocky sound laced with punky energy and feistiness that they describe as “energetic, punchy and meaningful.” As the band explain: “We would definitely say our music can be energetic, catchy and meaningful. If you listen closely to our lyrics, we engage a lot with experiences that people may have gone through or subjects they are interested in. But we would also say there’s a mixture of surprising music structures in it – especially in the last section of Hold Me Down.  So, we would definitely say we surprise you.”

Our latest taste of this is Kingdom, the band’s third single that was released in December and probably their rockiest effort to date. The track dives straight into engaging vocals over a lively riff, which give way to a big riff over crashing cymbals. More laid-back vocals take over, alongside lighter guitars and rolling drums, before building up to a powerful chorus of delicious singalong vocals and driving guitars and drums.

Another big riff kicks in and drops into a laid-back verse and big singalong chorus. That drops into high-pitched vocals over a mellow guitar lick, then a darting riff builds up to a final smash of the huge chorus.

On the single, the band tell us: “When releasing Kingdom, we had a few struggles with our promotion due to Covid-19 but still tried to successfully push it forward. We’ve had great feedback from fans and so much support from everyone which we can’t thank you enough. We also had a conversation about moving forward with recording a music video for Kingdom but unfortunately that had to be pushed back too. 

“For people that haven’t listened to it, we would definitely go give it a listen even if were not your taste in music as we may surprise you. Be ready to hear punching sounds, catchy riffs, a powerful vocal – definitely a song that will be stuck in your head later.” Give it a listen here:

Kingdom followed the slightly more punky previous single Reckless (Moan For Me), which begins fun stabbing guitars that drop into spoken vocals answered by a spinning guitar line and driving drums. Big engaging vocals take over as heavier guitars and driving drums kick in, feeding into big singalong vocals “Make you wanna scream my name, The pain would make me go insane, Scratching, clawing, Why don’t you moan for me?”

Angsty vocals come in for the second verse, which builds up to another catchy chorus. That drops into a funky little guitar riff and screams then really cool “do da-da-da-da do da” vocals over a lively riff and crashing cymbals along with cries of “moan for me” that bring the track to a close. Check it out below:

Both of those tracks follow the generally more laid-back debut single Hold Me Down, which opens up with light guitar that continues over distant cymbals and a heavy bassline. Yianna’s engaging vocals take over and begin to intensify as heavier guitars kick in through a catchy chorus. A second verse gives way to a delicious guitar lick, which feeds into faster vocals that bring the track to an end. Check it out in the video below:

The Artemis sound has been heavily influenced by old-style Paramore, as the band say: “who doesn’t love a bit of Hayley Williams?” And other influences include the likes of The Runaways, Tonight Alive, Yonaka and Marmozetts.

And in terms of what inspires them to write music, the band tell us: “When it comes to song writing we all play a part, each of us write our own instrumental parts but are completely open to other ideas each of us might have in the band. 

“When it comes to lyric writing, Yianna focuses on different topics, which may have influence on her, and themes she feels passionate about or has experienced herself. This way our music has much more meaning and we can relate to when performing – giving a much more meaningful show.”

Interestingly, the band will also be playing at Vesterbro Rock Fest later this year – just like Danish band FooN, who we featured last week – which will be their first ever gig outside of Southampton and London. On the opportunity, they told us: “Vesterbro Rock Fest came about when Dan from Local Distortion, who also works for End Time PR, recommended us and from there they contacted us. 

“We’re so excited as we’ve only play in local areas and London, so this will be such a great experience! We also can’t wait to share our live gigs abroad to people that don’t have the chance to see us as were UK-based.”

In addition to playing the Danish festival in September, the band are also hoping to get back to gigging, recording and creating music videos when it’s safe to do so and there will definitely be plenty more music to treat your ears to over the next few months.

The band added: “We’re so happy to have people supporting us and being patient with us during these times as most things, such as gigs have been put to a halt. Other than that, make sure to keep an eye out on our social media for future announcements and keep streaming!”

You can follow Artemis on Facebook, Instagram and TikTok, and check out their music on Spotify, Apple Music, Soundcloud and YouTube.

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