New Band of the Week: Beyond Extinction

Exciting Essex metal band Beyond Extinction are on a mission to become “one of the big UK metal bands” with their fusion of metalcore, deathcore and death metal elements. But these far from fanciful words or hollow dreams, this is a band that absolutely has the talent to make it to the very top of the British metal scene.

The quintet of Jasper Harmer (vocals), Jude Bennet and Zach Scott (guitars), Niall Ivie (bass) and Niall Oreo (drums) released a debut EP in 2019 before a few singles led up to the eye-catchingly named second EP The Fatal Flaws of Humankind in January.

As Niall I tells us: “I think Beyond Extinction started out as some sort of cult but then it just naturally progressed into a metal band. I joined later than Jasper, Niall, and Zach, and I only joined because we thought it would be funny to have two Nialls in one band, so knowing the whole backstory isn’t very important to me. The music side was a bit of an afterthought if I’m being honest. I didn’t even own a bass at the time. We’re from all over the place really, but I think Essex is probably the smallest umbrella that covers all of us.”

They’ve set about honing a crushing metal sound that Niall O describes as: “Our sound has a blend of metalcore, deathcore and death metal, probably leaning less towards death metal comparatively. We feel the overall sound is actually quite unique given all the influences on our writing so it’s best left for the music to speak for itself.”

Our latest taste of that is the EP, which Jasper summarises as: “The name was one of those things that we picked and it never needed changing, worked perfectly. It’s a brutal mix of riffage and breakdowns which really embodies the topic matter we wanted it to show.”

That comes across in the EP’s opening track God Complex, which opens up with distant screamed vocals. The vocals kick in heavier with a brilliant line “Now I dig through your bones spitting teeth on your grave, this land once ruled by hope is now consumed by the hate.” That’s supported by heavy guitars and drums, which drop into a delicious bouncy riff. Big vocals join in alongside crushing, intense drums, a driving guitar riff and distant synths, then a cool chugging riff jumps in and continues under more heavy vocals before another booming riff takes over.

That feeds into a more melodic section led by atmospheric synths, then chugging guitars come in during a bit of a djent meets prog metal section. A big final riff comes in to bring the track to a heavy ending. Check it out in the video below:

That’s followed by the EP’s most recent single release Apex Predator, which goes just as hard if not even harder than the opener. It opens up with a spinning guitar that drops into booming chords that continue into a wild opening verse. A cool little guitar riff breaks things up and gives way to an heavier verse, then an intense scream gives way to an apocalyptic sounding atmospheric section.

That gives way to huge guturral vocals, which drops into big low-tuned guitars and crashing cymbals to bring the track to a bruising conclusion. Check it out in the lyric video below:

But they don’t let up there, with a brutal intro to Bones Like Branches giving way to delicious stabbing guitars and relentlessly heavy drums. Dark synths come in before it drops into a section of big booming guitars and a huge guttural scream then filthy low-tuned guitars. Big repeated screams “Winner, die, crucify” take over and give way to big low-tuned guitars, a creepy whimpering sound, then crushing guitars finish the track off nicely.

Final track A Face Without Features begins a little slower but launches into an avalanche of savage vocals, pounding drums and drawn-out guitars. The guitars pick up pace then drop into chugging chords under a darting riff before booming low-tuned chords support powerful guttural vocals answered by huge screams, which show off Jasper’s impressive vocal range. It’s an impressively heavy conclusion to a massive EP, give it a listen below:

Beyond Extinction’s music has been inspired by “anything metalcore/deathcore” along with classic death metal. While their biggest influences include Parkway Drive and the likes of Cannibal Corpse, Whitechapel and Thy Art is Murder.

While their songwriting focuses on issues of nihilism, anger and, as the EP title suggests, human imperfection. As Jasper explains: “Nihilism and anger is definitely a focus for us, it helps that we can pair that with our music and sound. I think also just the fact we love music and the bands in the heavy music scene that we’ve been inspired to be more involved than just being fans.”

The band hope to be able to go on a tour to release the EP with and to hit the studio before the summer to bring some more crushingly heavy music our way. As Jude tells us: “We are not going to slow down or stop working hard until we are one of the big UK metal bands in the scene. We have a lot still to prove, but hopefully with the increased number of eyes on us thanks to our EP, we can live up to our expectations.”

Regardless of any expectations, The Fatal Flaws of Humankind is a crushingly heavy EP that offers plenty of promise for this exciting young band. And, looking wider, this is yet another great new band to add to the strong British metal scene.

You can follow Beyond Extinction on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, and check out their music on Spotify, Bandcamp, Apple Music and YouTube.

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