Album Review: As Everything Unfolds – Within Each Lies The Other

Way back in October 2017, we headed along to see our friends in Defences play a gig at The Crowndale Club in Camden. The headline act that evening saw the six members of As Everything Unfolds pile onto the tiny stage and blow our minds, led by what we described as “the incredible vocals of Charlie Rolfe.”

We immediately set about making them our New Band of the Week the next week, reviewed their second EP a year later, and interviewed vocalist Charlie and former drummer Liam for the Pilot episode of our GigRadio podcast at ProgMetalMadness in 2018. So it’s safe to say we’ve followed the As Everything Unfolds journey pretty closely. And now, three-and-a-half years later, it seems only right that we dig into their debut album.

For anyone new to the band, Charlie is joined by Adam Kerr and Owen Hill (guitars), George Hunt (bass), Jon Cassidy (keyboards/synths) and Jamie Gowers (drums). They offer up a melodic post-hardcore sound that combines delicious melodies, electronic elements with outright vicious heaviness.

About Within Each Lies The Other

The latest offering from As Everything Unfolds is the aforementioned debut album Within Each Lies The Other, which is being released on Friday (26 March). On the album, Adam told us: “We’re really excited to see the reaction from our listeners. I think people should come in expecting a bit of a rollercoaster and to fully lose themselves in the tracks. There’s a lot of really dynamic moments that can soar to the highest peaks, only to become deeply intimate the next. We hope everyone enjoys the journey just as much as the highs.”

We gave Adam a chance to pick his favourite track from the album, and he said: “It’s a bit like picking a favourite child, I love them all equally! On The Inside is always the first one I want to play though as it’s so fun; but Wither has my favourite bit of the whole album – the harmony of the vocals and lead guitar in the bridge always gets me.”

The album has been inspired by themes around overcoming life’s difficulties and conquering them. As Adam explains: “A lot of this album is about overcoming hardships and coming out triumphant through the pain. There’s a lot of self-reflection and introspection filling the lyrics, which we hope everyone listening can find solace and reassurance in.”

Within Each Lies The Other review

The band have released a steady stream of tracks from the album in the build-up to its release. Luckily for Adam, at least, the latest is the album’s opening track On The Inside, which is featured on our latest GigRadio podcast episode. It opens with an ascending guitar riff and building synths that crash into a big opening instrumental section. Charlie’s high-pitched vocals take over and drop into a vicious scream and build up to an engaging chorus. The opening guitars and synth return and give way to a heavier, doomy second verse.

The next three tracks are also available to listen to as well. On an album filled with huge tracks, Take Me There stands out as being especially brilliant. It starts out with light atmospheric instrumentals under Charlie’s delicious vocals, then big guitars dive in for an energetic chorus. A cool bouncy riff takes over alongside vicious vocals, then stabbing guitars and big screamed vocals build up to a more melodic chorus.

Having just said the last track was massive, this one may well go and trump it. Wallow dives straight into lively guitars and drums that support heavy screamed vocals, which soon flow into high-pitched guitars and vocals as the pace drops. But it kicks in again as a cool building section kicks into driving drums and guitars under more intense vocals that end on the line “I told you everything you wanted to hear, How can I make it anymore fucking clear?” Charlie’s vocals on Wallow are particularly brilliant, with savage screams flowing into smooth melodic sections.

That’s followed by the delicious Stranger In The Mirror, which opens up with guitar chords that give way to a melodic verse that builds up to a big singalong chorus. The instrumentals and vocals intensify with cool diving guitars under big screams, before flowing into a final chorus.

Adam picks out next track I’m Not The Only One as the one he feels may offer the biggest surprise to people. He told us: “There’s a lot of heavy but it’s kinda weird, and the way the riffs come in and out have got just a certain something about them.” It opens up with moody instrumentals then driving drums and piercing guitars kick in engaging vocals, which drop into big screams over stabbing guitars. It flows into a melodic chorus, which gives way to brutal screamed vocals then pounding rhythms that suddenly drop into light vocals. A melodic chorus kicks in, then a lively riff and big screams bring the track to a close.

That’s followed by Grayscale, which begins with light vocals then a smash of guitar chords. They drop into light vocals with instrumentals gradually building to a big melodic chorus, which gives way to Charlie’s vocals over light guitars. It kicks into another big chorus with driving guitars and big screamed responses in the background, before it ends with intense screams of “Fighting for my life” and heavy guitars.

Another track that’s yet to be released is Stay, which Adam teases us with by saying: “Charlie’s screams on Stay are just on another level that’s not heard on the rest of the album,” which is going some. It opens up with a fun bouncy riff that continues under Charlie’s engaging vocals, which feed into a really cool chorus. A lively riff takes over and feeds into vocals answered by little synthy stabs, then a noodling guitar leads into another chorus. This is where things intensify, with heavy stabbing guitars under the brutal screamed vocals that Adam alluded to.

Also yet to be released is Let Me Go, which opens with light guitar and distant voices. A distant guitar and drums join in then stabbing guitars join the synth and Charlie’s high-pitched vocals. A rumbling bass and the light guitar support a verse that flows into another catchy chorus, then a big atmospheric section of guitars drops out and leaves just drums, which build up to a big heavy outro with delicious low-tuned guitars.

Next is the excellent Hiding From Myself, which was the first track released from the album. Big chunky guitars and driving drums kick off and drop into an engaging verse. Huge screams of “Burn it up” open up a pre-chorus that flows into a delicious chorus. A lone riff comes in under almost spoken vocals that continue into huge screams and stabbing guitars that drop into a melodic verse and chorus. It drops into a light atmospheric section, which builds up to a final chorus.

The album closes with two more tracks that are yet to be released. The first is One Last Time, which starts with light guitars and dreamy synths that give way to an awesome guitar lick over heavy driving chords and drums. It gives way to light vocals over building instrumentals that build up to a huge chorus. A second chorus drops into a light section with rolling drums that ends on big cries of “One last time” with driving drums and the cool lick supporting a final chorus.

Final track Wither begins with a light lick and repeating palm-muted guitar, which take a back seat as light drums and vocals come in. It explodes into a huge chorus led by powerful vocals and sweeping guitars. It drops into another light verse, which ends on whispered vocals that again burst into another massive chorus, which this time continues into a big atmospheric section. Twinkling synths come in, everything drops out, before one big conclusion brings the track and the album to a powerful conclusion.

Within Each Lies The Other in summary

Within Each Lies The Other is a fantastic debut album that epitomises everything we’ve come to love about As Everything Unfolds: Charlie’s amazing, diverse vocals and moments of crushing heaviness instantly contrasted by delicious melodies.

As someone who isn’t a practicing musician, I’m always interested in the process bands go through to create an album – especially when it comes to putting together a debut album. On that process, Adam told us: “I think the biggest challenge is just how long the whole process takes! The waiting game after you’ve recorded and mastered seems to go on forever.

“Even before that though – putting together a collection of songs that fit together nicely, and that are of the quality you want can sometimes be a bigger task than you expect. Cutting songs at the last minute, rewriting others to fit the overarching sound better, it’s one of the most stressful, yet fun, deadline elements of the creation process.”

Summarising the album and the themes As Everything Unfolds address, Adam adds: “To anyone struggling with the constant war inside their head, know that there is hope and a bright light waiting for you on the other side. Reach out when you need help, check up on your friends when you know they can’t. Now more than ever we all need to help each other out of our struggles; and if our music is the catalyst for bringing you back from the edge, know that we are forever grateful.”

Within Each Lies The Other is out on Friday (26 March). You can pre-order the album now along with a whole host of great bundles on Bandcamp and through Long Branch Records and pre-save the album on Spotify. You can also join the band for a Listening Party from 7pm on Friday.

You can follow As Everything Unfolds on FacebookInstagram and Twitter, and whet your appetite for the album by checking out their music on Spotify, Apple MusicBandcamp, MusicGlue, Deezer, and YouTube.

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